9 Ways to Cultivate Creativity in Medical Staff Services

In a world increasingly driven by innovation and ever-evolving challenges, creativity is no longer a trait exclusive to artists, designers, or writers. It is an essential skill for any MSP, and is a key driver of personal effectiveness in TMG’s EMSP Core Competency Model. As MSPs, we have a unique opportunity to infuse creativity into

A New Way to Visualize Medical Staff Services Functions

TMG has unveiled a new graphic featuring a colorful snake segmented into the functions of Medical Staff Services. This metaphorical representation not only illustrates the sequential nature of our work but also highlights the dynamic nature of Medical Staff Services. The choice of a snake as the symbol for Medical Staff Services functions is more

Infographic: 7 Reasons to Use TMG Consulting to Merge Credentialing & PE

Merging credentialing and provider enrollment departments presents numerous benefits and synergistic opportunities to healthcare organizations. TMG Consulting provides expert guidance for a seamless integration process. This graphic outlines 7 reasons to use TMG Consulting to merge credentialing and provider enrollment. You can download a PDF of the infographic here: https://www.teammedglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/tmg_consulting.pdf

Making Informed Choices: Training Staff vs. Hiring Temporary Staff in Medical Staff Services

Healthcare organizations face an ongoing challenge of optimizing staff resources. Balancing the need for specialized expertise, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness requires careful consideration when deciding between training existing staff or hiring temporary staff. Training and Cross-Training Training existing MSP staff members can be an effective strategy when time permits and the required skills are relatively

Infographic: 6 Benefits to Merging Credentialing & Provider Enrollment

Merging credentialing and provider enrollment departments within healthcare organizations can offer several advantages and synergies, including an efficiency boost, data integrity, and enhanced reporting. TMG’s infographic outlines 6 advantages and the role TMG Consulting can play in successfully integrating the departments. You can download the infographic here: https://www.teammedglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/tmg_merging_info.pdf

Mastering the Merge: Unleashing the Potential of Credentialing and Provider Enrollment Integration

Merging credentialing and provider enrollment departmental functions within healthcare organizations can offer several advantages and synergies. However, the integration must be carefully planned and executed to ensure a successful transition. That’s where TMG Consulting can help. 6 Benefits to Merging Credentialing & Provider Enrollment Here are six ways the credentialing-provider enrollment departmental integration can prove

Infographic: Meeting Management Roadmap for MSPs

Healthcare organizations have a multitude of standing committees, ad-hoc committees, and task forces. This MSP roadmap outlines the steps that lead to stellar meeting management, which can increase efficiency and improve effectiveness. Or, you can download a PDF of the infographic here: https://www.teammedglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/tmg_meeting_management.pdf Logistics Schedule a date for the meeting, a conference room or virtual

Conceptualize, Visualize, Actualize: Key Findings from TMG’s Think Tank

In early October, Team Med Global held the virtual event, “Conceptualize, Visualize, Actualize: A TMG Think Tank.” MSPs from around the country gathered to reimagine Medical Staff Services. Using insightful prompts, breakout rooms, and virtual whiteboards, the Think Tank tapped into participants’ experience and creativity to envision opportunities for Medical Staff Services to evolve to

MSSD Reporting: How Different Structures Influence Our Work

Team Med Global surveyed MSPs, asking to whom their Medical Staff Services Department (MSSD) reported. The results mirror my experience in the field. Just as standardized processes – from EHRs to telemedicine – have infused the clinical side of healthcare, standardization in MSSD reporting would help the MSP. With a standardized organizational structure, expectations would

MSPs & Remote Work in the COVID Endemic

During the COVID pandemic, there was a seismic shift in remote work attitudes and practices. The Pew Research Center found that, pre-pandemic, 23 percent of those surveyed who held jobs that could be performed remotely said that they telecommuted frequently. At the height of the pandemic, that number skyrocketed to 71 percent. Now that COVID

Infographic: 3 Keys to Optimizing Your Medical Staff Services Department

The Medical Staff Services Department lives at the intersection of patient safety, physician competence, regulatory compliance, and physician satisfaction. When you implement these 3 key optimizations, you will unlock your MSSD’s full potential. 1. Appropriate Staffing Levels for Medical Staff Services Department Based on a five-year analysis of client experiences, TMG is offering the following

Bragging Rights: Crafting Your Annual Report to Supervisors

With 2020 behind us and the world still topsy-turvy from the pandemic, I still find my thoughts turning to, “What did I do in 2020?” If I am wondering that, my supervisor might be thinking something similar: What did the Medical Staff Department accomplish in 2020? An annual report answers this question. Requiring a thoughtful

Infographic: 7 Smart Reasons to Hire a Medical Staff Services Consultant

It may seem counterintuitive, but a medical staff services consultant can stretch tight organizational budgets by creating value frameworks that deliver robust ROI. Whether your organization is looking to gain a fresh perspective, implement new programs and processes, or tap into a specialized skill set, a consultant can deliver. Below is an infographic that outlines

MSP Expertise: Jump onto the High-Speed Healthcare Train

When I was invited to write an article for Team Med Global, I recalled an article I wrote in 1996. It seems we are once again at the same crossroads I addressed then, in “Don’t Get Left Behind...Broaden Your Scope.” At that time, managed care was in its infancy and beginning to rapidly change healthcare

The MSSD Transformation: 6 Power Thoughts to Thrive During Change

When reviewing the evolution of the Medical Staff Services Department (MSSD) over the past 30 years, the changes are obvious. Long gone are the days when a practitioner came to the hospital on the word from a colleague or where a secretary was responsible for getting a record of the provider. And, thankfully, long gone

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