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Train Your Team

Unlocking Your Team’s Potential

When an MSP walks through the door, they bring unique knowledge, skills, and lived experience to their position. New staff members may need training, while more experienced staff members may have proficiency gaps. TMG’s training results in the consistency needed to increase efficiency, eliminate miscommunication, and boost staff morale.

Foundations of Credentialing

This 12-week entry-level course is designed for organizations ready to standardize and elevate skills within Medical Staff Services. It’s perfect for onboarding new hires, providing them with the foundational knowledge necessary to thrive in their roles. The course also offers excellent opportunities for upskilling and cross-training existing team members. Set your team on the path to success with essential credentialing expertise.

Foundations of Provider Enrollment

Our 12-week Foundations of Provider Enrollment course empowers new hires and existing staff with a thorough understanding of the end-to-end provider enrollment process, from initial data capture to ongoing maintenance. They will learn to navigate complex regulatory environments, enhance compliance, and minimize delays in provider onboarding. Equip your team to boost operational effectiveness, ensuring timely access to care and maximizing revenue opportunities.

Certified Physician Licensing Specialist

Our 8-week Certified Physician Licensing Specialist course is designed for diverse organizational needs – from hospitals centralizing physician support services to locum tenens agencies and recruitment staff sharpening their competitive edge. Equip your team with the expertise to effectively manage physician licensing while elevating your operational efficiency.

Certificate in Leadership Excellence

Our 8-week course enhances the leadership skills within your Medical Staff Services team. It sharpens strategic and operational competencies, enabling team leaders and would-be leaders to effectively manage complexities and drive innovative practices. Invest in your leadership team to cultivate a proactive, forward-thinking environment that supports growth and improves efficiencies.

Certification Preparation

Our 13-week course is tailored for MSPs preparing for CPCS® and CPMSM® certification exams. It equips your team members with essential skills and knowledge in credentialing, privileging, and accreditation while enhancing their exam readiness. This investment not only boosts individual career prospects but also aligns with best practices, reflecting positively on your organization’s commitment to quality and expertise.

Tailored Training

Unlock your team’s potential with TMG’s tailored training. Select from more than two dozen vital competencies, ranging from privileging to communication skills, and choose the format that best fits your schedule: a focused workshop, a multi-day seminar, or a comprehensive weekly course. Enhance team cohesion and personal development to achieve exceptional operational efficiency and communication.

We Get Results

We believe in the power of education to transform healthcare administration. Our training programs are crafted to deliver tangible results, enhancing the competencies of MSPs across all levels. Organizations that partner with us see marked improvements in operational efficiency, compliance adherence, and leadership development. From Foundations of Credentialing to our tailored training solutions, each program is designed to equip your team with the skills needed to excel and bring value to your organization. Our approach is proven: participants leave our courses ready to implement best practices, lead with confidence, and drive significant improvements in their workplaces.

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