Healthcare organizations have a multitude of standing committees, ad-hoc committees, and task forces. This MSP roadmap outlines the steps that lead to stellar meeting management, which can increase efficiency and improve effectiveness.

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Schedule a date for the meeting, a conference room or virtual meeting space, and order refreshments and A/V equipment as needed

Identify committee members and ex-officio members, and determine what constitutes a quorum to conduct committee business

Review previous minutes for residual items and then draft the agenda in collaboration with the meeting chair

Identify who will present reports and what resources they need; if applicable, ensure that presenters have access to the meeting management platform

One week prior to the meeting, distribute the draft agenda and supporting materials to participants

One day prior to the meeting, send a reminder with the meeting time and location to participants

MSP Role
During the meeting, support the chair, clarify as needed about policies and procedures, serve as the facilitator, and record notes on a notebook computer using the agenda as a template

Immediately after the meeting, deconstruct the meeting packet and begin transcribing the minutes; present minutes to the chair within 48 hours

Complete or delegate any assigned action items identified during the meeting

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