Mastering the Merge: Unleashing the Potential of Credentialing and Provider Enrollment Integration

Merging credentialing and provider enrollment departmental functions within healthcare organizations can offer several advantages and synergies. However, the integration must be carefully planned and executed to ensure a successful transition. That’s where TMG Consulting can help. 6 Benefits to Merging Credentialing & Provider Enrollment Here are six ways the credentialing-provider enrollment departmental integration can prove

How Team Med Global Consulting Added Value to PeaceHealth’s MSSD

The Client: PeaceHealth Based in Vancouver, Wash., PeaceHealth is a health system serving patients in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. More than 16,000 caregivers work at ten medical centers and care for patients in urban and rural communities. The Challenge PeaceHealth’s Medical Staff Services Department faced several challenges. Because the department’s had manual processes and

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