Transforming Medical Staff Services

Just as the healthcare delivery landscape is evolving, so too is Medical Staff Services. Team Med Global delivers right-fit solutions that meet the needs of your organization.

ProVISIONary Staffing

Whether you’re feeling the pinch of the nationwide MSP shortage, are hard-pressed to fill a short-term staffing gap, or want to avoid disrupting workflow with a “wrong fit” candidate, Team Med Global is ready to help.

ProVISIONary Staffing delivers expertly vetted MSPs and provider enrollment specialists that are guaranteed to be a good match for your organization. We place right-fit staff in positions ranging from entry level to executive, who work part- or full time, on-site or remotely, and in interim, permanent, or evaluation positions.

Getting to Know You

Finding the right candidate begins with learning about your organizational culture. We want to ensure that the MSPs we place are not only supremely qualified to do the work, but are also a great fit with your existing staff. We have a deep understanding of the optimal MSP staffing model, and put our expertise to work for you.

TMG Knows MSPs

Team Med Global is the industry leader in delivering education to MSPs and consulting services to organizations across the healthcare spectrum. We’re committed to creating, supporting, and championing a successful collaboration among your organization, TMG, and the staff members we place.

Low Risk, High Reward

The candidate search and placement process doesn’t cost your organization a penny. The modest markup only begins when your new staff member starts work. ProVISIONary Staffing pays for itself because TMG screens for competence, interviews for professional and emotional intelligence skills, and vets to avoid placement errors.

Fast-Track Your Staffing

Provider Enrollment Institute

Inefficient or ill-informed provider enrollment processes create a reimbursement backlog that can have a devastating impact on your organization’s revenue stream. Whether your staff needs training, you’re ready to hire a new provider enrollment specialist, or you simply want a provider enrollment expert on speed dial, Team Med Global’s Provider Enrollment Institute is ready to help.

World-Class Training

Existing staff may not have the knowledge to effectively enroll providers. New hires can have a hard time getting up to speed. TMG fills those gaps by delivering tailored onsite or remote training on topics ranging from governmental and commercial payers to managed care contracting. We’re also able to educate revenue cycle leaders so that relevant information cascades down to front-end staff, and to ensure that EMR and practice management software is set up for streamlined billing.

Staffing that Shines

TMG’s ProVISIONary Staffing delivers right-fit interim, permanent, and evaluation hire provider enrollment specialists. Whether you’re seeking an MSP who knows insurance credentialing services and other administrative tasks, or a specialist in facility, commercial, government, and provider enrollment, we make the perfect match.

Filling the Gaps

TMG’s Provider Enrollment Institute team has a combined 80 years of expertise in the field. We fill in your gaps with professionals who have relationships with payers and can help guide you and your staff to success. TMG’s MSP Tech Squad works with your IT and provider enrollment teams to ensure that your organization has interoperable technology and precision training that streamlines your revenue cycle.

Reclaim Your Revenue Cycle with TMG

MSS Consulting

Team Med Global delivers innovative solutions that are compliant, efficient, and operationally sound. Our clients appreciate TMG’s approach and the depth of our bench of experts.

In-Depth Analysis

Team Med Global listens carefully, working closely with you to grasp both the big picture and the nuances of your organization’s needs. We take a deep dive into your organizational landscape, key stakeholders, most pressing issues, and overarching goal. From there, we develop a data-driven assessment, along with an action plan and timeline to resolve issues while respecting your organizational culture.

Deep Expertise

TMG offers a consulting team that includes executive MSPs, medical staff leaders, IT specialists, healthcare quality executives, attorneys, and administrators. We have provider enrollment specialists, compliance officers, practice management professionals, staffing specialists, and project management gurus. TMG’s consultants are wizards in performance improvement, medical coding, locum tenens, data analysis, credentialing verification, strategic planning, telemedicine, and workers’ compensation. Our team members are thought leaders who are at the cutting edge of their professions. We achieve measurable, successful outcomes.

Comprehensive Services

We’re eager to share our knowledge and help your organization solve its thorniest challenges. TMG conducts a variety of assessments, including workflow and efficiency, staffing and team competency, credentialing and privileging systems, and provider enrollment and practice management. Whether you’re in need of a department function redesign, credentialing, software implementation, or operational streamlining, we get results.

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Virtual & Onsite Training

When a medical services professional walks through the door, they bring unique knowledge, skills, and lived experience to their position. New staff members may need training, while more experienced staff members may have proficiency gaps. Across the board, inconsistent training or a lack of cross-training can lead to inefficiencies and miscommunication that impacts your revenue streams and staff morale.

Team Med Global has more than a decade of experience partnering with healthcare organizations to deliver Medical Staff Services education that aligns teams and streamlines processes.

World-Class Results

Our instructors can deliver:

  • Single-subject training, such as provider enrollment or credentialing seminars
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual best practice refresher courses
  • Onboarding training that orients new hires to your organization’s processes
  • Certification training for the Executive MSP or Executive Provider Enrollment Professional credential
  • TMG preparation course for National Association Medical Staff Services CPCS® or CPMSM® certification

Tailored Curriculum

Work with the TMG University Director to design a curriculum that fits your organization’s needs. Choose from among 16 specific competencies, such as privileging management or practice management; team cohesion skills, such as change management or leadership; and personal development areas, such as problem solving or communication. Your curriculum can be delivered as a workshop, multi-day seminar, or weekly course.

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