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Delivering Engaging Education

Providing compelling education to your members can be difficult due to limited time, resource constraints, budget restrictions, and expertise gaps. TMG makes it easy with tailored webinars, conferences, and boot camps that elevate member engagement.

A Message from TMG President Donna Goestenkors, CPMSM®, EMSP, CLE

TMG Webinar Sponsorship

This affordable opportunity brings TMG’s acclaimed educational webinars to your members. Choose from among upcoming TMG webinars and enjoy co-branding benefits, social media recognition, and exclusive discounts on TMG products and services for your members. Discounts are available when you sponsor three or more TMG webinars.

Design a Webinar Series

Craft a learning experience that speaks to your members. Choose from over 85 webinar topics that cover credentialing, provider enrollment, managed care, licensure, personal development, leadership, physician quality, compliance, team building, career development, legal, and skillbuilding. TMG delivers expert presenters, engaging material, and certificates of attendance.

TMG at Your Conference

Enhance your conference with TMG’s renowned speakers and facilitators, known for their dynamic and insightful contributions to virtual and in-person events. Our team will complement your agenda with keynote speeches, workshops, and panel discussions, along with promotional materials to enrich attendee welcome packets.

Boot Camps

Offer your attendees an immersive learning experience with TMG’s suite of boot camps. Choose from among our Certification Boot Camp, Career Rocket Boot Camp, Foundations of Credentialing Boot Camp, or Foundations of Provider Enrollment Boot Camp.

Study Group Partnership

Empower your members to achieve their CPCS® or CPMSM® designations through sponsoring the Focused Ambition Study Group. Sponsorship is free of charge, you will receive co-branding benefits, and your members will receive a 10% discount on registration fees.

TMGU Course Sponsorship

Support continuous learning by sponsoring one of TMGU’s preeminent courses, including Certificate in Leadership Excellence, Certified Physician Licensing Specialist course, TMG Preparation for the National Association Medical Staff Services CPCS® or CPMSM® Certification, Foundations of Credentialing, and Foundations of Provider Enrollment. This affordable sponsorship offers co-branding opportunities and provides your members with a significant discount on registration fees.

Event Planning

Whether you’re planning a workshop, webinar series, or conference, TMG has the event planning expertise to create a stellar event that empowers and energizes your attendees. We have partnered with states, chapters, and organizations to produce hundreds of online webinars, virtual conferences, and in-person events, and look forward to learning more about your vision. Tell us about it here.

Boosting Educational Impact

TMG’s educational programs consistently elevate member expertise and engagement. Our programs provide dynamic, high-quality learning experiences that inspire and empower MSPs. Partnering with TMG means offering your members the tools and knowledge they need to excel, driving professional growth and organizational success. Experience the transformative impact of TMG’s commitment to excellence in education.

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