Beyond the PowerPoint: The MSP’s Guide to Polished Presentation Skills

In the healthcare sector, where precision and clarity are paramount, Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) have both influence and responsibility. One critical skill in the MSP toolbox is effective presentation skills. These skills are not just about public speaking; they encompass the ability to communicate complex information clearly, engage with stakeholders, and drive meaningful changes within


From the Files to the Frontlines: Crafting Communication Excellence

In the structured world of healthcare administration, Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) are at the heart of organizational communication. An MSP’s role demands a level of communication finesse that can navigate the complexities of medical regulations, staff coordination, and administrative tasks with ease and precision. That’s why the art and science of communication is critical in


Board Action Process: Focus on Efficiency

We asked MSPs to tell us who’s responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the board action process are completed to meet compliance expectations. The board action process includes: Preparing the board letter Updating the credentialing system Updating privileges Placing all of the collected documentation in the provider’s efile Sending communications to the internal departments


Decision-Making Frameworks: A Look Back at the Pandemic Workplace

Living and working through the COVID-19 pandemic left many of us wondering how we managed to succeed in keeping the wheels of the MSD department rolling. New daily information about the virus led to a growing understanding of its implications for our work environments and led to developing new work strategies. Leading teams, departments, and


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