The Medical Staff Services Department lives at the intersection of patient safety, physician competence, regulatory compliance, and physician satisfaction. When you implement these 3 key optimizations, you will unlock your MSSD’s full potential.

1. Appropriate Staffing Levels for Medical Staff Services Department

Based on a five-year analysis of client experiences, TMG is offering the following credentialing staffing ratios:

Hospitals that use a Credentials Verification Organization should utilize one MSP for every 220 credentialed pracitioners.

Hospitals that don’t contract with a CVO should utilize one MSP for every 150 credentialed practitioners.

2. Integrating Functions

When payer enrollment and credentialing functions are merged, interdepartmental processes become streamlined and duplication of effort for provider data management tasks is eliminated. This lowers operational costs and lessens time for reimbursement.

3. Adequate Training

Medical Staff Services Departments often suffer from training deficiencies. Employees may not have critical foundational knowledge in technical skills, may not stay abreast of regulatory or accreditation changes, or may not be equipped to take on managerial roles. Investing in professional development delivers almost immediate return on investment, both in terms of efficiency and lower turnover.

Team Med Global Unlocks Your MSO’s Potential

1. ProVISIONary Staffing delivers expertly vetted candidates that are guaranteed to be a good match for your organization. We place right-fit staff in positions ranging from entry level to executive.

2. Our Medical Staff Services consultants are eager to help your organization solve its thorniest challenges. Whether you’re in need of a department function redesign, credentialing software implementation, an improved privileging system, an effective peer review program, or operational streamlining, we’re ready to help.

3. TMG University can design a curriculum that fits your organization’s needs. Select from among specific competencies, team cohesion skills, and personal development areas.

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