Infographic: 10 Steps to Managed Care Credentialing

TMG’s new infographic outlines the 10 steps of managed care credentialing, beginning with contract negotiation and moving on to application initiation, Credentialing Committee review, ongoing monitoring and recredentialing. Or, you can download a PDF of the infographic here:


Infographic: The Evolution of MSPs: Pioneered by Team Med Global

TMG’s new infographic traces the MSP journey from a focused set of competencies to a diverse, technology-driven profession. It highlights the adaptability, resilience, and ever-growing importance of MSPs in the healthcare sector. TMG proudly stands at the forefront of this evolution, not just adapting to changes but actively shaping the future of the MSP profession.


Infographic: Personal Branding for MSPs

Personal branding isn’t just for celebrities and social media influencers. As a Medical Services Professional, your personal brand is your promise of consistency, professionalism, and excellence. This infographic outlines the importance of personal branding for MSPs. You can download a PDF of the infographic here:

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Infographic: 14 Facets of an Optimal Peer Review Structure

Peer review plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and competence of healthcare practitioners. TMG's infographic provides physician leaders and MSPs with a roadmap for creating an optimal peer review structure. Download a PDF of the infographic here:


Infographic: 6 Provider Enrollment KPIs

Optimizing the enrollment process is essential for efficient operations and improved care quality. This infographic outlines 6 provider enrollment KPIs to monitor in order to enhance your department’s effectiveness. You can download a PDF of the provider enrollment KPIs infographic here:


Infographic: Evolution of Medical Credentialing

Medical credentialing has played a pivotal role in the healthcare industry, safeguarding patient safety and promoting quality care. Over the years, this process has evolved significantly to meet the changing demands of medical practice. Explore the fascinating history of medical credentialing and its transformative impact on the healthcare profession through this infographic: You can also


Infographic: 7 Reasons to Use TMG Consulting to Merge Credentialing & PE

Merging credentialing and provider enrollment departments presents numerous benefits and synergistic opportunities to healthcare organizations. TMG Consulting provides expert guidance for a seamless integration process. This graphic outlines 7 reasons to use TMG Consulting to merge credentialing and provider enrollment. You can download a PDF of the infographic here:

Infographic: 7 Factors Influencing Medical Staff Application Processing Time

Many factors can impact processing times for medical staff applications at initial appointment and reappointment, including the use of a CVO, whether processes are automated, and the complexity of an applicant’s history. TMG’s infographic pinpoints 7 factors that influence processing times and 3 ways that ProVISIONary Staffing can help reduce time to completion: You can

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Infographic: 6 Steps to Delegated Credentialing

Delegated credentialing provides health plans and provider networks with shorter turnaround times, reduced in-house credentialing numbers, and standardized processes. This infographic outlines the process and creates the road to success. Or, you can download a PDF of the infographic here: 1. Facility Contract There must be an existing facility contract with the health plan


Infographic: Meeting Management Roadmap for MSPs

Healthcare organizations have a multitude of standing committees, ad-hoc committees, and task forces. This MSP roadmap outlines the steps that lead to stellar meeting management, which can increase efficiency and improve effectiveness. Or, you can download a PDF of the infographic here: Logistics Schedule a date for the meeting, a conference room or virtual

Infographic: Board Processes & the MSP

Hospital-based MSPs are responsible for the sequence of events surrounding board actions during application, reapplication, and requests for additional privileges. TMG has developed this infographic of board processes to help MSPs achieve a smooth workflow. For your convenience, you can download a PDF of the infographic here:


Infographic: 4 Cheerleaders that Pave the Way for Professional Success

Team Med Global knows that a helping hand can fast-track your career and your project goals. TMG's infographic illustrates how four types of cheerleaders – peers, coaches, mentors, and champions – can catapult you to success. Learn who they are, how they can help, when to find them, and how to find them. Remember that

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Infographic: 7 Smart Reasons to Hire a Medical Staff Services Consultant

It may seem counterintuitive, but a medical staff services consultant can stretch tight organizational budgets by creating value frameworks that deliver robust ROI. Whether your organization is looking to gain a fresh perspective, implement new programs and processes, or tap into a specialized skill set, a consultant can deliver. Below is an infographic that outlines

Infographic: Leadership Should Invest in MSP Professional Development

Team Med Global knows that MSP professional development is key to peak performance. Yet when discussing continuing education with our MSP colleagues, a common refrain is that they feel unsupported by leadership. It can be difficult to confidently make the case that leadership should invest in MSPs' continuing education. That’s why TMG has developed an

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