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9 Ways to Cultivate Creativity in Medical Staff Services

In a world increasingly driven by innovation and ever-evolving challenges, creativity is no longer a trait exclusive to artists, designers, or writers. It is an essential skill for any MSP, and is a key driver of personal effectiveness in TMG’s EMSP Core Competency Model. As MSPs, we have a unique opportunity to infuse creativity into

Battling MSP Loneliness and Burnout

Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) handle critical administrative tasks, ensuring compliance, safeguarding patient safety, and maximizing reimbursements. Often, though, we find ourselves grappling with loneliness, isolation, and burnout, a problem exacerbated by the lack of camaraderie and face-to-face collaboration due to remote and hybrid work environments. The Loneliness Epidemic Among MSPs MSPs are on the front

2023-09-19T15:27:14+00:00|MSP Burnout|

10 Career Planning Tips for MSPs

Career planning is an essential skill for any MSP, and is a key driver of execution in TMG’s EMSP Core Competency Model. Understanding our career options, developing a plan, and implementing that plan enable us to find right-fit positions that align with our priorities and values. Here are 10 career planning tips that will help

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A New Way to Visualize Medical Staff Services Functions

TMG has unveiled a new graphic featuring a colorful snake segmented into the functions of Medical Staff Services. This metaphorical representation not only illustrates the sequential nature of our work but also highlights the dynamic nature of Medical Staff Services. The choice of a snake as the symbol for Medical Staff Services functions is more

Navigating Office Negotiations: Strategies for Success

Negotiation is an essential skill for any MSP, and is a key driver of personal effectiveness in TMG’s EMSP Core Competency Model. From salary discussions to task allocation, knowing how to negotiate can pave the way for collaborative solutions that benefit all parties involved. The following delves into the art of negotiation, the strategies that

2023-08-28T21:00:46+00:00|Career Development|

TMG Spotlight: Kim Williams, MBA

Kim Williams, MBA, is an enthusiastic and valued TMG coach and credentialing subject matter expert. She was introduced to the Medical Staff Services world by her stepmom. She then created a five-year plan to move into management and worked the plan, investing in professional development and obtaining skills along the way. She worked as a

2023-08-21T18:38:02+00:00|TMG Team Spotlight|

Keys to Successful Collaboration: Unleashing the Power of Teamwork

Collaboration is an essential skill for any MSP, and is a key driver of personal effectiveness in TMG’s EMSP Core Competency Model. Teams made up of collaborative members can achieve remarkable results by harnessing the diverse skills, perspectives, and knowledge of members. Let’s look at the common issues that interfere with effective collaboration and explore

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Infographic: Evolution of Medical Credentialing

Medical credentialing has played a pivotal role in the healthcare industry, safeguarding patient safety and promoting quality care. Over the years, this process has evolved significantly to meet the changing demands of medical practice. Explore the fascinating history of medical credentialing and its transformative impact on the healthcare profession through this infographic: You can also


TMG Spotlight: Erin DeHoyos, EMSP, CPMSM®, PESC, CLE

Erin DeHoyos, EMSP, CPMSM®, PESC, CLE, brings a wealth of knowledge and contagious enthusiasm to her role as TMG Subject Matter Expert. For the past five years, she has worked as Director of Medical Staff Services for University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas. She also owns Busy Bees Provider Services, a company that provides credentialing

2023-08-01T21:23:37+00:00|TMG Team Spotlight|

The Power of Risk Tolerance to Boost Personal Effectiveness

TMG’s Executive MSP Competency Model includes risk tolerance as a necessary skill for personal effectiveness. Defined as the willingness to take on uncertainty and potential setbacks in pursuit of goals, we often hear about risk tolerance as it relates to the world of finance. But risk tolerance is just as important in Medical Staff Services.

2023-07-25T16:00:08+00:00|Personal Development|

Infographic: 7 Reasons to Use TMG Consulting to Merge Credentialing & PE

Merging credentialing and provider enrollment departments presents numerous benefits and synergistic opportunities to healthcare organizations. TMG Consulting provides expert guidance for a seamless integration process. This graphic outlines 7 reasons to use TMG Consulting to merge credentialing and provider enrollment. You can download a PDF of the infographic here: https://www.teammedglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/tmg_consulting.pdf

Chronicles of Efficiency: Time Management Tips for MSPs

TMG’s Executive MSP Competency Model includes time management as a necessary skill for personal effectiveness. Some would call time management our superpower. After all, every second counts as we navigate through a labyrinth of tasks, from acting as the sentinels of patient safety to keeping the gears of Medical Staff Services turning smoothly. When we

2023-07-16T16:03:30+00:00|Personal Development|

Making Informed Choices: Training Staff vs. Hiring Temporary Staff in Medical Staff Services

Healthcare organizations face an ongoing challenge of optimizing staff resources. Balancing the need for specialized expertise, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness requires careful consideration when deciding between training existing staff or hiring temporary staff. Training and Cross-Training Training existing MSP staff members can be an effective strategy when time permits and the required skills are relatively

Infographic: 6 Benefits to Merging Credentialing & Provider Enrollment

Merging credentialing and provider enrollment departments within healthcare organizations can offer several advantages and synergies, including an efficiency boost, data integrity, and enhanced reporting. TMG’s infographic outlines 6 advantages and the role TMG Consulting can play in successfully integrating the departments. You can download the infographic here: https://www.teammedglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/tmg_merging_info.pdf

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