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10 Strategies for Engaging and Retaining Members

Engaging and retaining members is crucial for the success of any professional organization. Here are some strategies to help volunteer leaders effectively engage and retain their members. 1. Understand Member Needs To engage and retain members, it’s essential to understand their needs and expectations. Conduct regular surveys to gather feedback on what members value most


10 Tips: Utilizing Social Media to Promote Your Organization

In today’s digital age, social media has become an indispensable tool for organizations, including volunteer-led affiliates of professional associations. Effectively leveraging social media can significantly enhance member engagement, broaden outreach, and promote activities. Here’s how leaders can harness the power of social media to achieve these goals. 1. Identify Your Goals Before diving into social


Unwind and Recharge: Proven MSP Stress Management Techniques

In the demanding and dynamic healthcare environment, Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) face unique stressors that can challenge their well-being and job satisfaction. The TMG 2024 MSP Well-Being Survey offers insightful data on how MSPs are managing stress, revealing a variety of strategies employed to maintain balance and well-being. Here’s a deeper look at each strategy,

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Empowering MSPs: A Call to Action for Healthcare Leadership

In the complex landscape of healthcare administration, Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) face significant pressures that can lead to workload overwhelm and emotional exhaustion. The TMG 2024 MSP Well-Being Survey Report highlights a critical issue: 41% of MSPs report feeling overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted weekly, with 20% experiencing these challenges daily. The Crucial Role of Senior

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Finding the Right Fit: Navigating Job Changes as an MSP

In the TMG 2024 MSP Well-Being Survey, Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) provided a nuanced view of their overall well-being and job satisfaction. One of the survey's key insights is the connection between job satisfaction and well-being. MSPs who find fulfillment in their colleagues and their ability to support their stakeholders often report higher well-being scores.

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Breaking the Chain: Halting MSP Stress Contagion

Imagine the stress of a physician nearing burnout cascading down to their team, or the high-pressure financial decisions made by administrators echoing throughout the corridors of a hospital or organization. This phenomenon, known as stress contagion, occurs when the emotional turmoil of one person becomes the burden of many. The impact of physician burnout is

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From Competence to Excellence: Achieving MSP Mastery

In the world of Medical Services Professionals (MSPs), greatness isn't just a goal—it's a fine art, crafted meticulously through the mastery of details. It's these seemingly small yet powerful actions that can elevate your work from compliance to excellence, setting you apart in a field where precision and innovation intersect. Dive into the nuances of

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MSP Expert Witnesses: What Attorneys Need to Know

In the intricate landscape of healthcare litigation, Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) play a pivotal role as expert witnesses. Their specialized knowledge in healthcare management, credentialing, provider enrollment, state licensure applications and regulatory compliance can be instrumental in navigating complex legal disputes. For attorneys looking to leverage this expertise effectively, understanding how to work with MSPs

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Cultivating Excellence: Creating a Thriving MSP Workplace

In the high-stakes arena of healthcare administration, Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, ensuring that the gears of healthcare operations run smoothly. Yet, the path to excellence in this critical role is fraught with unique challenges that require more than just routine solutions. How do you foster an environment that

TMG Learning Tree Scholarship Awarded

Veronica Reyes and Hope Ruhle are the winners of this year's TMG University Learning Tree Scholarship, aimed at supporting growth and excellence among MSPs. We celebrate the creativity and insight of all our applicants, who submitted videos detailing the three most important lessons they’ve learned that have shaped their professional journey. Veronica won a scholarship

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The Self-Confidence Conundrum: Unlocking Personal Power for MSPs

Self-confidence is more than just a feeling; it’s a critical component of professional success. That’s why it’s a component of the Executive MSP Competency Model and the Executive Provider Enrollment Professional Competency Model. A deep-rooted sense of confidence can profoundly influence decision-making, leadership, and interpersonal relationships. Let’s dive deeper into the psychological underpinnings of self-confidence,

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Mastering the Job Interview: Expert Strategies for Medical Services Professionals

Navigating a job interview as a Medical Services Professional (MSP) can seem daunting, especially when the stakes are high and the competition is stiff. You're not just proving your administrative expertise; you're demonstrating your strategic value to healthcare operations. Let’s delve into actionable strategies that will help you stand out in your next job interview.

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Adapting with Agility: Change Management for MSPs

Change is a constant in the healthcare industry, particularly in administrative roles where Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) operate. Whether it’s new regulations, shifting healthcare policies, or advancements in technology, effectively managing change is crucial to ensure the seamless operation of medical facilities. Here’s how MSPs can adeptly navigate the waters of change management, thereby enhancing

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Empowering MSPs Through Self-Evaluation

Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) are the backbone of healthcare administration, managing vital tasks that are essential for maintaining the seamless operation and integrity of healthcare services. Given our pivotal role, regular career self-assessments are crucial for those looking to enhance their professional skills and advance their career trajectories. That’s why self-assessment is a key component

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