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Whether you’re new to Medical Staff Services or have worked in the field your entire career, personal and professional growth empowers you to expand your horizons and achieve your potential. Team Med Global’s Medical Staff Services education programs and career opportunities are designed to meet you where you are and provide you with the best practice skills and knowledge to achieve your goals.

TMG University

TMG University is a trailblazer in delivering leading-edge online certification preparation programs, pathways to EMSP and EPEP credentials, tailored courses, and boot camps.

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Live Webinars & Events

TMG’s live webinars and events provide you with the opportunity to discover best practices, expand your skills, and learn to thrive in your workplace.

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Webinars on Demand

Scheduling conflict prevent you from attending a TMG webinar? We’ve got you covered. Dive into the TMG archive and watch webinars at your convenience.

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One-on-One Coaching

If you want advice on a specific workplace issue, need to brush up on specific
areas of knowledge, or want someone on-call to answer questions that surface, we’ll match you with a right-fit coach.

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The TMG Zone

TMG’s Facebook group is the place to share resources, wisdom, and support to further your personal and professional development.

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ProVISIONary Staffing

With ProVISIONary Staffing, you have the opportunity to work onsite or remotely, part- or full-time, and temporarily or permanently. We have regular openings for those with experience in credentialing, payer enrollment, MSS management, and other MSP functions.

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TMG’s growth and success are fueling our expansion. We believe that the sky’s the limit, and invite you to join us as we continue to develop trailblazing programs and services that evolve our profession.

TMG subject matter experts and faculty members are respected and compensated, and enjoy work that enhances their resumes.

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EMSP Core Competency Model

TThe EMSP Core Competency Formula and Model reflect the skillsets required of MSPs who are at the top of their profession. Executive MSPs exhibit a combination of expertise, effectiveness, and direction that fuels excellence in their workplaces and fulfillment in their career trajectories.

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Remote & Onsite Training

Bring TMG to your workplace! Our virtual visits allow you and your colleagues to tap into best practices, cutting-edge insights, and interactive exercises.

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