Fiscal Rx Season 1


Explore the dynamic world of healthcare finance with TMG. Each session is designed to equip MSPs with the financial acumen needed to excel in their roles. From foundational knowledge and revenue streams to mastering budgets, reimbursement strategies, and financial compliance, this series provides essential insights and practical tools. Enhance your financial expertise and support your organization’s financial health with guidance from industry leaders. Join us live or on-demand and take your financial skills to the next level.

November: Fiscal Foundations: Building Blocks for MSPs
February: Healthcare Economics: Diving into Revenue Streams
April: Balancing Acts: Mastering Healthcare Budgets
June: Precision Pays: Reimbursement Strategies for MSPs
August: Fiscal Roadmap: Financial Compliance & Risk Management
October: Budget Brilliance: Cost Management & Reduction

Webinars are held from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Central.

Registration Fee: $35 for live or on-demand webinar

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6-Part Series Live - $1756-Part Series On Demand - $175November 6 Live - $35November 6 On Demand - $35February 5 Live - $35February 5 On Demand - $35April 2 Live - $35April 2 On Demand - $35June 4 Live - $35June 4 On Demand - $35August 6 Live - $35August 6 On Demand - $35October 1 Live - $35October 1 On Demand - $35
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November 6, 2024
Fiscal Foundations
Building Blocks for MSPs

Foundational knowledge in healthcare finance is crucial for understanding how MSP roles impact the broader financial operations. Join TMG to uncover the basic financial terms and concepts integral to healthcare. Discover how these financial principles apply directly to your daily responsibilities and decision-making processes.

Describe key financial terms and concepts relevant to healthcare
Identify the impact of financial decisions on MSP functions
Explain the role of finance in healthcare operations

February 5, 2025
Healthcare Economics
Diving into Revenue Streams

Enhancing your awareness of the diverse revenue streams that sustain healthcare organizations can enhance your operational effectiveness. Join TMG and discover how different revenue streams affect strategic decision-making within healthcare organizations. Then, explore how MSPs can contribute to optimizing these financial resources.

Describe healthcare revenue streams and their sources
Identify how different revenue streams impact organizational financial health
Explain the MSP’s role in supporting and enhancing revenue streams

April 2, 2025
Balancing Acts
Mastering Healthcare Budgets

Budgeting within healthcare can seem complex and opaque, yet it is vital for the operational success of any organization. Join TMG to demystify the budgeting process and understand its significance in the healthcare industry, then gain insights into how MSPs can contribute to budget planning and management.

Describe the basics of creating and managing budgets in healthcare settings
Identify the importance of budgeting in operational planning and financial stability
Explain ways MSPs can contribute to effective budget management

June 4, 2025
Precision Pays
Reimbursement Strategies for MSPs

Inaccuracies in provider data can significantly hinder reimbursement processes, impacting the financial health of healthcare organizations. Join TMG to uncover strategies for maintaining precise provider data, a key factor in efficient reimbursement practices. Discover how MSPs can ensure accuracy at the point of data entry and maintain ongoing data integrity to support optimal reimbursement outcomes.

Describe strategies to maintain accurate provider data for timely reimbursements
Identify key factors that influence reimbursement rates
Explain the MSP’s role in sustaining data accuracy to facilitate effective reimbursement practices

August 6, 2025
Fiscal Roadmap
Financial Compliance & Risk Management

Navigating regulatory standards and mitigating financial risks are constant challenges in healthcare finance. Join TMG to delve into the essentials of financial compliance and risk management and enhance your understanding of how MSPs can support these efforts and safeguard their organizations.

Describe the regulatory landscape of healthcare finance
Identify common financial risks and compliance issues in healthcare
Explain how MSPs can assist in managing risks and ensuring compliance

October 1, 2025
Budget Brilliance
Cost Management & Reduction

Healthcare organizations often struggle with managing costs. Join TMG to discover how to identify areas for cost reduction and implement effective cost management strategies. Explore the critical role of MSPs in driving these initiatives and enhancing organizational efficiency.

Describe strategies for implementing cost management practices
Identify key areas where cost reductions can be achieved in healthcare settings
Explain the role of MSPs in promoting cost-efficiency initiatives

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Fiscal Rx

6-Part Series Live – $175, 6-Part Series On Demand – $175, November 6 Live – $35, November 6 On Demand – $35, February 5 Live – $35, February 5 On Demand – $35, April 2 Live – $35, April 2 On Demand – $35, June 4 Live – $35, June 4 On Demand – $35, August 6 Live – $35, August 6 On Demand – $35, October 1 Live – $35, October 1 On Demand – $35

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