Keys to Successful Collaboration: Unleashing the Power of Teamwork

Collaboration is an essential skill for any MSP, and is a key driver of personal effectiveness in TMG’s EMSP Core Competency Model. Teams made up of collaborative members can achieve remarkable results by harnessing the diverse skills, perspectives, and knowledge of members. Let’s look at the common issues that interfere with effective collaboration and explore

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The Power of Risk Tolerance to Boost Personal Effectiveness

TMG’s Executive MSP Competency Model includes risk tolerance as a necessary skill for personal effectiveness. Defined as the willingness to take on uncertainty and potential setbacks in pursuit of goals, we often hear about risk tolerance as it relates to the world of finance. But risk tolerance is just as important in Medical Staff Services.

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Chronicles of Efficiency: Time Management Tips for MSPs

TMG’s Executive MSP Competency Model includes time management as a necessary skill for personal effectiveness. Some would call time management our superpower. After all, every second counts as we navigate through a labyrinth of tasks, from acting as the sentinels of patient safety to keeping the gears of Medical Staff Services turning smoothly. When we

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Emotional Intelligence: A Critical Workplace Skill

TMG’s Executive MSP Competency Model includes emotional intelligence as a necessary skill for personal effectiveness. While an MSP’s technical expertise and knowledge are important, emotional intelligence (EQ) is what enables you to effectively navigate interactions, manage your emotions, and build strong relationships with your colleagues. The Importance of Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence encompasses several components,

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Pages of Inspiration: A Collection of the TMG Team’s Favorite Books

Books have long held the power to transport us to different worlds, ignite our imaginations, and challenge our perspectives. Their hidden treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration can profoundly impact our personal and professional lives. Whether we seek guidance, motivation, or a fresh perspective, the right book has the ability to shape our thinking, ignite

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MSP Integrity: Avoiding the Slippery Slope of Unethical Behavior

We’ve all heard (or witnessed) the horror stories: The MSP who embezzled money, who cheated on their remote timecard, who misrepresented facts to make themselves look better, or who falsified their credentials on their resume. These behaviors don’t reflect the integrity exhibited by the vast majority of those in our profession, yet it’s worth examining

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COVID Demands More of MSPs

My work as a healthcare consultant often involves collaborating with organizations to streamline processes, implement technological solutions, and reconfigure accountability structures to create efficiencies. In other words, I help organizations do more with less. In 2020, however, “doing more with less” has taken on new meaning. This year’s COVID pandemic is the black swan event

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6 Tips to Overcome Self-Doubt and Live a Fearless Life

What is the most common reason why people fail in whatever they set out to do? While a lack of discipline or persistence can certainly derail us, there is only one thing that truly halts us in our tracks. It’s an insidious voice that whispers convincing lies – lies that we often believe without question.

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This Is Your Year, MSPs – Take Your Dreams by the Horns!

MSPs, how many times have you told yourself, “This year is going to be my year!” and then didn’t really experience much change? Perhaps you have the motivation to better yourself and further your career. You sprint into the New Year at full speed, only to see your drive diminish and your old habits return.

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