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Whether you’re new to medical staff services or have worked in the field your entire career, personal and professional growth empowers you to expand your horizons and achieve your potential. Team Med Global’s on-demand webinars are designed to meet you where you are and provide you with the best practice skills and knowledge to boost your effectiveness.

MSP Excellence

Being an MSP is both challenging and rewarding. TMG’s on-demand webinars encompass a variety of educational topics, including credentialing, leadership, career development, and legal issues.

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Doctor FBI

MSPs need ever-evolving skills for peak performance. Doctor FBI has its finger on the pulse of the profession, offering medical services and payer enrollment professionals new skillsets, thought leadership, and hot takes on trending topics.

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Leadership Catalyst

MSP leadership has never been more challenging or more rewarding. Leadership Catalyst tackles up-to-the-minute issues while preparing participants to make the leap into leadership or bring innovative strategies to existing leadership roles.

Leadership Catalyst On Demand

Payer Enrollment Prime

For MSPs taking on payer enrollment responsibilities, sound practices and processes can be elusive. Payer Enrollment Prime provides both the big picture and specific processes that empower participants to solve thorny issues and showcase mastery.

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Fueled by the psychology of empowerment and the inside scoop on medical services professionals’ most pressing challenges, Unstoppable! delivers actionable information that enables participants to better navigate the workplace and boost career satisfaction.

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