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Race to the Top: Why MSPs Should Set Their Sights on Certification

By Yesenia Servin, CPMSM The demands of the healthcare industry require that professionals become lifelong learners. This is part of the reason why MSPs, who are known overachievers in the best sense of the word, are attracted to the field. There is always more to learn and room to grow. Unfortunately, when compared to other

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TMG Launches “Bold, Brave, and Brilliant: TMG Leadership Success Book Club”

Team Med Global has announced the launch of “Bold, Brave, and Brilliant: TMG Leadership Success Book Club.” The brainchild of TMG President Donna Goestenkors, this first-of-its-kind book club is designed to explore and cultivate leadership qualities in MSPs, payer enrollment specialists, practice managers, credentialing specialists, and others in the field. “Over the course of my

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Navigating the World of Working Remotely

On April 23, 2020, Team Med Global President Donna Goestenkors and symplr teamed up to present “Mapping Your Journey: Productivity & Self-Care While Working Remotely.” What follows is a narrative of the topic, along with a link to the slide deck used during the presentation. The world is topsy-turvy. Our worries – about ourselves, our

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Donna Goestenkors’ “The Executive Medal Services Professional” Hits Bookstores

Donna Goestenkors’ new book, “The Executive Medical Services Professional: What it Takes to Get to the Top” (ISBN 978-1138314603) has been published by Routledge. Co-authored with Georgia Day, “The Executive Medical Services Professional” was written to provide MSPs with the tools they need to grow their careers. “Due to the regulatory landscape, the emphasis on

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Team Med Global Unveils Executive MSP Competency Formula and Model

Team Med Global, the leader in Medical Services Professional (MSP) education, staffing, and consulting, has released its Executive MSP Competency Formula and Competency Model. According to Team Med Global President Donna Goestenkors, CPMSM, EMSP, the new formula and model reflect the skill sets required of MSPs who are at the top of their profession. “Executive

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Supercharge Your Job Search: 4 Steps to Telling Your Story

By Joyce Moore, MPA, CPCS, CPMSM It’s a safe bet that, for virtually every position you’ve held, you’ve experienced the often-nauseating mix of anxiety and hope that accompanies the job application and interview process. Yet the way you approach that process speaks volumes about your preparation style. You may be like an ostrich, opting to

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5 Interviewing Tips and Tricks

By Kate Baumgartner Interviews can be awkward – for both the interviewee and the interviewer. I’ve never been a cookie-cutter recruiter, and as a candidate, you shouldn’t feel as though you need to fit a mold, either. Creative staffing solutions, innovation, growth, and opportunity create “right-fit” matches that satisfy both you and your employer-to-be. In

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