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Dive into the Zone! Join The TMG Zone for Professional Development & Support

2021-02-20T00:13:48+00:00|Career Development|

Whether you’re looking for a quick huddle, a new position, or a way to share your expertise, The TMG Zone is the place to be. Join the TMG Zone on Facebook or LinkedIn to connect with MSPs, payer enrollment specialists, practice managers, credentialing specialists, and others who are the gatekeepers of patient safety and revenue.

Profiles in Leadership: Donna Goestenkors, Servant Leader

2021-02-04T01:58:02+00:00|Profiles in Leadership|

In January 2021, Donna Goestenkors commemorated her forty-fifth anniversary as a Medical Services Professional. Like so many of her colleagues, the door that would lead to Goestenkors’ lifetime of professional service opened unexpectedly. “When I graduated from business college, I applied to all of the hospitals in the St. Louis area,” she recalled. Christian Hospital

Bragging Rights: Crafting Your Annual Report to Supervisors

2021-02-04T17:01:23+00:00|Medical Staff Services Department|

With 2020 behind us and the world still topsy-turvy from the pandemic, I still find my thoughts turning to, “What did I do in 2020?” If I am wondering that, my supervisor might be thinking something similar: What did the Medical Staff Department accomplish in 2020? An annual report answers this question. Requiring a thoughtful

TMG University Publishes Accreditation Wizard

2021-01-25T23:11:06+00:00|Accreditation, Career Development, TMG University|

You asked and Team Med Global delivered! Team Med Global is thrilled to launch the TMG University Accreditation Wizard. The 30 elements contained in the Wizard cover virtually every standard of credentialing as developed by eight different regulatory bodies and accreditation agencies: CMS, TJC, HFAP, DNV GL, CMS Managed Care, NCQA, URAC, and AAAHC. Team

Infographic: 7 Smart Reasons to Hire a Medical Staff Services Consultant

2021-01-12T17:55:52+00:00|Medical Staff Services Department|

It may seem counterintuitive, but a medical staff services consultant can stretch tight organizational budgets by creating value frameworks that deliver robust ROI. Whether your organization is looking to gain a fresh perspective, implement new programs and processes, or tap into a specialized skill set, a consultant can deliver. Below is an infographic that outlines

Infographic: Why Leadership Should Invest in MSP Professional Development

2020-12-12T19:02:55+00:00|TMG University|

Team Med Global knows that professional development is key to peak performance. Yet when discussing continuing education with our MSP colleagues, a common refrain is that they feel unsupported by leadership. It can be difficult to confidently make the case that leadership should invest in MSPs' continuing education. That’s why TMG has developed an infographic

4 Steps to Boost Payer Enrollment Effectiveness

2020-12-12T18:41:09+00:00|Payer Enrollment|

Payer enrollment is the cog that kicks off the revenue cycle. While most revenue cycle graphics indicate that client intake is the first stage in the cycle, the reality is that enrollment is the critical first phase. Payer enrollment is the process of enrolling organizations and providers into payer networks. The process varies by payer,

COVID Demands More of MSPs

2020-12-01T23:42:26+00:00|Personal Development|

My work as a healthcare consultant often involves collaborating with organizations to streamline processes, implement technological solutions, and reconfigure accountability structures to create efficiencies. In other words, I help organizations do more with less. In 2020, however, “doing more with less” has taken on new meaning. This year’s COVID pandemic is the black swan event

Profiles in Leadership: Jodi Schirling Builds Strong Foundations

2020-11-17T23:00:07+00:00|Profiles in Leadership|

Jodi Schirling was a newlywed when she began working in medical records in 1977. Within a year, she’d had a baby and had taken on a part-time medical staff secretary position that was also in its infancy. “Back then, we didn’t have many resources,” Schirling recalls. “We didn’t even have credentials files for doctors.” But

Inquiring Minds Want to Know… The 411 on Telemedicine


In August and September, Team Med Global’s Donna Goestenkors, CPMSM, EMSP, and Rachelle Silva, BS, CPCS, CPMSM, joined forces with symplr to present “Off the Hook: Reining in Telemedicine Challenges.” Given that COVID-19 has led to an exponential increase in the use of telemedicine around the U.S., it’s no surprise that the more than 1,000

Spotlight: Maggie Wilkerson, CPCS

2020-10-21T18:43:02+00:00|TMG Team Spotlight|

The seeds of Maggie Wilkerson’s career trajectory were planted with an A.S. in medical transcription. From there, she blossomed in her role as Medical Staff Specialist responsible for credentialing more than 400 multi-specialty hospital providers at a Decatur, IL hospital. Having earned her CPCS credential, Maggie moved to a Rockford hospital, where she served as

Lorraine Kress, CPCS

2020-10-06T21:56:26+00:00|TMG Team Spotlight|

Lorraine Kress, CPCS, lends her expertise and wisdom to Team Med Global as a subject matter expert in credentialing. For more than a dozen years, Lorraine has tackled positions of increasing responsibility within Medical Staff Services. From her start as a Medical Staff Coordinator, Lorraine’s specialty is working as a Credentialing Specialist in interim positions.

Profiles in Leadership: Vicki Searcy Takes the Reins

2020-09-06T04:08:40+00:00|Profiles in Leadership|

Like most who entered medical staff services in the early 1980s, Vicki Searcy found the profession by accident. “I was a woman working in a man’s world, doing institutional research at the University of Arkansas,” she recalls. “I was never going to be given the opportunity to further my career.” Taking the reins – and

Payer Enrollment Staffing is Sorely Lacking, Team Med Global Survey Finds

2020-09-06T03:56:43+00:00|Payer Enrollment|

Team Med Global released the results of the organization’s Payer Enrollment Staffing Survey, which was designed to determine the state of payer enrollment staffing in the healthcare industry. The results were sobering, with fully 52% of respondents stating that their organization’s payer enrollment staffing levels were insufficient. According to Team Med Global President Donna Goestenkors,

All Aboard! Jump onto the High-Speed Healthcare Train

2020-09-07T17:12:33+00:00|Medical Staff Services Department|

By Bonnie Conley, CPCS, Director Medical Staff Services, Medical City North Hills When I was invited to write an article for Team Med Global, I recalled an article I wrote in 1996. It seems we are once again at the same crossroads I addressed then, in “Don’t Get Left Behind...Broaden Your Scope.” At that time,

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