Conceptualize, Visualize, Actualize: Key Findings from TMG’s Think Tank

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In early October, Team Med Global held the virtual event, “Conceptualize, Visualize, Actualize: A TMG Think Tank.” MSPs from around the country gathered to reimagine Medical Staff Services. Using insightful prompts, breakout rooms, and virtual whiteboards, the Think Tank tapped into participants’ experience and creativity to envision opportunities for Medical Staff Services to evolve to

Project Management Platforms: Advantages and Options


When Team Med Global surveyed MSPs and PEPs regarding which project management platforms they used in their work, the results were surprising, given that project management tools are growing in popularity for the Medical Staff Services industry: 30% None 20% Microsoft Teams 10% Asana 10% Smartsheet 10% TargetProcess 10% Teamwork 10% Trello Three in ten

The Payer Enrollment Field: Trends and Opportunities

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In July 2022, Team Med Global surveyed payer enrollment professionals about their job titles, the departments they work in, and those to whom they report. Here’s how they responded: 47% Credentialing Coordinator/Specialist 21% Provider Enrollment Manager/Supervisor 11% Provider Enrollment Specialist/Analyst 5% Medicare Enrollment Specialist 5% Supervisor of Credentialing 11% Other Department 21% Billing 21% Credentialing

TMG Spotlight: Hadley Domnick, BS

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Hadley Domnick’s career reflects her commitment to people. With a B.S. in Psychology from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Hadley went to Edward Jones, where she provided world-class customer service to branches around the country. She then moved to a company that provided behavioral healthcare, where she trained physicians across the U.S. to use EHR systems,

Board Action Process: Focus on Efficiency


We asked MSPs to tell us who’s responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the board action process are completed to meet compliance expectations. The board action process includes: Preparing the board letter Updating the credentialing system Updating privileges Placing all of the collected documentation in the provider’s efile Sending communications to the internal departments

MSSD Reporting: How Different Structures Influence Our Work

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Team Med Global surveyed MSPs, asking to whom their Medical Staff Services Department (MSSD) reported. The results mirror my experience in the field. Just as standardized processes – from EHRs to telemedicine – have infused the clinical side of healthcare, standardization in MSSD reporting would help the MSP. With a standardized organizational structure, expectations would

MSPs & Remote Work in the COVID Endemic

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During the COVID pandemic, there was a seismic shift in remote work attitudes and practices. The Pew Research Center found that, pre-pandemic, 23 percent of those surveyed who held jobs that could be performed remotely said that they telecommuted frequently. At the height of the pandemic, that number skyrocketed to 71 percent. Now that COVID

CMS COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate & Methodology for Compliance


Jump to: Vaccine Mandate Basics Components of Compliance Impacts of Non-Compliance Creating Policies and Procedures In November 2021, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a rule requiring employees of healthcare facilities that participate in Medicare and Medicaid to be fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine by January 2, 2022. Some states challenged

More Leadership Lessons from Bold, Brave & Brilliant


This winter, Bold, Brave & Brilliant, Team Med Global’s Leadership Success Club watched six videos, participated in a variety of role-playing exercises and discussions, and learned several leadership lessons. Among the leadership lessons we learned was that leadership requires: Vision & Planning: Transformational leaders have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish and

Strategies to Combat Workplace Burnout

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In 2021, an average of 3.95 million workers quit their jobs each month, with resignation rates highest for employees between 30 and 45 years old in the healthcare and tech industries. While there are several reasons workers left in droves, one of the driving factors of “The Great Resignation” has been workplace burnout. According to

Infographic: 3 Keys to Optimizing Your Medical Staff Services Department

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The Medical Staff Services Department lives at the intersection of patient safety, physician competence, regulatory compliance, and physician satisfaction. When you implement these 3 key optimizations, you will unlock your MSSD’s full potential. 1. Appropriate Staffing Levels for Medical Staff Services Department Based on a five-year analysis of client experiences, TMG is offering the following

No Surprises Act Took Effect January 1


Designed to increase billing transparency and protect consumers from unexpected healthcare bills, the federal No Surprises Act went into effect on January 1, 2022. The No Surprises Act addresses what’s known as balance billing, wherein a consumer is billed for the difference between what an out-of-network provider or service charges and what the patient’s health

17 Leadership Lessons from Bold, Brave & Brilliant


Bold, Brave & Brilliant, Team Med Global’s Leadership Success Club, wrapped up the year by reading and discussing “Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity,” by Kim Scott. While the book received mixed reviews from club members, the readings did prompt group discussions that led to 17 valuable leadership lessons. These included:

I Passed My CPMSM® Exam – Now What?

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You’ve passed your National Association Medical Staff Services CPCS® or CPMSM® exam. Congratulations! But now what? You have the letters after your name – a designation that reflects your competence, your perseverance, and your commitment to our profession – but what does that mean in concrete terms? What are your next steps? The first step

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