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Navigating a successful career as a Medical Services Professional requires the right tools, guidance, and opportunities. TMG’s suite of career services is designed to support your professional growth, helping you excel and achieve your career goals.

Career Assessment Tool

Identify your strengths and areas for growth with TMG’s Career Self-Assessment Tool. This comprehensive tool helps you evaluate your current skills and pinpoint opportunities for professional development. Use the insights gained to create a personalized action plan that aligns with your career goals and propels you toward success.

One-on-One Coaching

Accelerate your professional growth with personalized one-on-one career coaching. Our MSP mentors provide tailored guidance and actionable strategies to help you navigate your career path, overcome challenges, and achieve your goals. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your skills, explore new opportunities, or gain confidence in your role, our coaching sessions offer the support and insights you need to succeed.

ProVISIONary Staffing

Discover flexible career opportunities with ProVISIONary Staffing. Work onsite or remotely, part-time or full-time. We regularly have openings for MSPs with experience in physician licensure, credentialing, provider enrollment, MSS management, and other MSP functions. Apply today or review current PVS job openings.

Resume Services

Enhance your job prospects with our professional resume and CV writing services. Our experts craft tailored documents that highlight your skills, experience, and achievements, making you stand out to potential employers. Whether you’re seeking a new position or advancing in your current field, we provide the support you need to create a compelling resume or CV that captures your unique value.

LinkedIn Profile

Enhance your professional presence with our LinkedIn Profile development service. Our experts will craft a compelling profile that highlights your skills, accomplishments, and unique value. With a standout LinkedIn profile, you can effectively showcase your expertise, connect with industry leaders, and open doors to new career opportunities. Transform your online presence and elevate your professional brand today.

Mock Interviews

Boost your interview skills with our Mock Interview service. Practice common and challenging interview questions with our experienced MSPs, receive constructive feedback, and improve your performance. This service helps you build confidence, refine your responses, and make a great impression on potential employers. Prepare for success and ace your next interview with our tailored mock interview sessions.

Join the TMG Team

TMG’s growth and success are fueling our expansion. We believe that the sky’s the limit, and invite you to join us as we continue to develop trailblazing programs and services that evolve our profession. TMG subject matter experts and faculty members are respected and compensated, and enjoy work that enhances their resumes. Apply to join the TMG team!

Become a TMG Consultant

Leverage your MSP expertise with TMG Executive Consulting. Apply your skills to evaluate, analyze, redesign, and transform client departments. This role offers you the chance to make a significant impact by improving workflows, enhancing efficiency, and driving positive change in various healthcare settings. Apply to join our team of experts and contribute to the success and growth of our clients.

Fueling Your Career Success

At TMG, we’re dedicated to helping MSPs achieve their career aspirations. Our career services deliver real results, equipping you with the necessary tools and support to excel. With our expertise, you’ll navigate your career path with confidence and clarity. Partner with TMG to unlock new opportunities, enhance your professional growth, and achieve your highest potential in the profession. Experience the difference that TMG’s commitment to excellence can make in your career journey.

“TMG’s one-on-one coaching was a huge help. The personalized advice really gave me a clear direction for my career.”

Sarah M.

“Thanks to TMG’s resume service, I felt a lot more confident applying for jobs. The hospitals I applied to seemed to notice the difference, too.”

Vonn M.

“After TMG revamped my LinkedIn profile, I started getting more attention from HR people. It made a real difference.”

Andrea R.

“The mock interviews with TMG were super helpful. The feedback was spot-on and made me feel much more prepared.”

Christian T.

“Using TMG’s career self-assessment tool was eye-opening. It helped me figure out my strengths and where I need to grow.”

Lisa K.

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