When MSPs Struggle to Stay Positive

MSPs are at the vanguard of patient safety, but the responsibilities we shoulder can come with significant stress and emotional burden. The quest to stay positive, while essential, is not without its challenges. Why Strive for Positivity? Positivity in the workplace, especially in high-stress environments like healthcare, is more than just feeling good. It's about


Temporary Staffing vs. Consultants: Filling the Medical Staff Services Gap

With the U.S. unemployment rate hovering at a 50-year low, an increasing number of medical staff services departments, CVOs, payer enrollment departments, and physician practices are short-staffed. Thanks in part to mergers, acquisitions, and ever-changing organizational structures, many departments within the medical staff services industry are running at suboptimal efficiency. Taken together, these phenomena are


Know Your Strengths: Strategies for Negotiating Managed Care Contracts

The “Introduction to Health Care” textbook (Mitchell & Haroun, p. 502-503) outlines that managed care plans are designed to increase efficiency, cut costs, provide affordable healthcare, ensure quality care, and eliminate waste. In my 20-plus years of reviewing healthcare payer agreements, I have learned to successfully decipher terms and conditions, as well as negotiate on


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