Whether you’re looking for a quick huddle, a new position, or a way to share your expertise, The TMG Zone is the place to be. Join the TMG Zone on Facebook to connect with MSPs, payer enrollment specialists, practice managers, credentialing specialists, and others who are the gatekeepers of patient safety and revenue.

“We designed The TMG Zone to be a community where we can share resources and tap into the lived experience and wisdom of like-minded professionals,” said TMG President Donna Goestenkors. “It’s a space where we can support one another in our personal and professional development.”

“I’m excited to welcome our colleagues to these online communities,” said Goestenkors. “They will enable us to build stronger connections with one another, and to grow both personally and professionally.”

Goestenkors sees The TMG Zone as an outgrowth of the organization’s mission to exhibit leadership in bringing about positive change. “When we collaborate and share our knowledge, we help each other reach our potential,” she said. “I believe the TMG Zone can be the online community that takes our industry to the next level.”