Donna Goestenkors’ new book, “The Executive Medical Services Professional: What it Takes to Get to the Top” (ISBN 978-1138314603) has been published by Routledge. Co-authored with Georgia Day, “The Executive Medical Services Professional” was written to provide MSPs with the tools they need to grow their careers. “Due to the regulatory landscape, the emphasis on value-based care, and technological advances, the role of the MSP is continually evolving,” says Goestenkors. “Our goal with the book is to provide MSPs with a roadmap for ongoing career advancement.”

“The Executive Medical Services Professional” opens with an overview of the MSP profession, then invites readers to take an unvarnished look at themselves and their workplaces. “We can’t grow unless we are able to unflinchingly assess our own skills and effectiveness, as well as the challenges and opportunities presented by our organizations,” says Goestenkors. “We encourage MSPs to embrace both their strengths and their difficulties, and then identify areas for growth.”

Goestenkors and Day also challenge workplace roles. “We’re seeing generational shifts in the workplace, as well as converging gender roles,” Goestenkors says. “Understanding the implications of stereotypes is a crucial first step in maximizing team effectiveness.”

The heart of “The Executive Medical Services Professional” is the book’s chapters on leadership. Goestenkors and Day encourage readers to rethink traditional top-down leadership paradigms, and instead embrace a collaborative, transformational leadership style. They caution against “leadership blindness,” where personal beliefs and organizational culture overshadow the facts. The authors then outline concrete steps for influencing leadership changes from within and how to lead teams through change while managing organizational politics.

Goestenkors says that the book is intended to coach MSPs to learn more and achieve more while remaining humble. “It’s important for MSPs to embrace roles in leadership while becoming servant leaders,” she says. “Our aim isn’t to amass power, but rather to garner authority to increase the effectiveness of our teams and organizations.”

“The Executive Medical Services Professional: What it Takes to Get to the Top” can be purchased for $34.95 here: