You asked and Team Med Global delivered! Team Med Global is thrilled to launch the TMG University Accreditation Wizard. The 30 elements contained in the Wizard cover virtually every standard of credentialing as developed by eight different regulatory bodies and accreditation agencies: CMS, TJC, HFAP, DNV GL, CMS Managed Care, NCQA, URAC, and AAAHC.

Team Med Global’s intent in creating the Accreditation Wizard is twofold. According to TMG President Donna Goestenkors, it is useful as a go-to resource for MSPs to use in their departments. “Having a quick reference at your fingertips that outlines the expectations of regulatory bodies and accreditation agencies improves MSPs’ knowledge and workflow, prevents errors, and ensures compliance,” she said.

In addition, Goestenkors notes that the Accreditation Wizard is an invaluable study tool for professionals planning to sit for their National Association Medical Staff Services’ CPCS® or CPMSM® exams. “In my many years teaching certification preparation, I’ve found that those who are most successful are those who are able to break down complex information into its simplest form,” she said.

That’s where the Accreditation Wizard comes in. “We’ve done that work for you, providing you with a color-coded guide to the intricacies of accreditation,” said Goestenkors. “You can see at a glance how standards align with CMS, hospital, or managed care standards – or if there is no alignment at all with other standards.”

While the Accreditation Wizard contains 30 elements, Team Med Global has arranged them into five groups of six elements each. “In my experience, learning these standards in blocks of six works as the most effective way to learn the material,” said Goestenkors. “We’ve also sprinkled study tips throughout the Wizard that we hope will help propel MSPs toward success.”

Those who contributed to the Accreditation Wizard include Patty Clark, BS, CPMSM®, CPCS®; Mary Jo Sexton-Tosh, MSA; Rachelle Silva, BS, CPCS®, CPMSM®; and Maggie Wilkerson, CPCS®.

The cost of TMG University’s Accreditation Wizard is $49.99 and can be purchased here: