CVO Connection Season 1


TMG’s CVO webinar series offers a deep dive into the intricacies of Credentials Verification Organizations. Explore key aspects of CVO operations from compliance and risk management to enhancing quality and efficiency. Gain essential insights on building trust, optimizing relationships, and seamlessly integrating credentialing and enrollment processes. Equip yourself to navigate the complexities of CVOs, ensure regulatory compliance, and drive operational success in healthcare settings.

October: Credential Compass: Mapping the Scope of CVOs
November: Building Bridges: Fostering Relationships in CVO Operations
January: Anchoring Trust: CVO Risk Management and Compliance
February: Quality Quantified: Metrics for CVO Excellence
March: Compliance Catalyst: Advancing Credentialing Verification in CVOs
April: CVO Synergy: Streamlining Enrollment and Credentialing Processes

Webinars are held from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Central.

Registration Fee: $35 for live or on-demand webinar

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6-Part Series Live - $1756-Part Series On Demand - $175October 3 Live - $35October 3 On Demand - $35November 7 Live - $35November 7 On Demand - $35January 9 Live - $35January 9 On Demand - $35February 6 Live - $35February 6 On Demand - $35March 6 Live - $35March 6 On Demand - $35April 3 Live - $35April 3 On Demand - $35
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October 3, 2024
Credential Compass
Mapping the Scope of CVOs

Healthcare organizations increasingly rely on Credentials Verification Organizations (CVOs) to cost-effectively streamline credentialing processes. Join TMG to delve into the role of CVOs in the healthcare ecosystem and explore how CVOs operate across multiple healthcare entities. Then, discover the accreditation standards CVOs must meet to ensure compliance and uphold the highest levels of quality.

Explain the operational scale and scope of CVOs in the healthcare industry
Identify accreditation standards as they pertain to CVOs
Describe the benefits and impacts of utilizing CVOs on quality and compliance

November 7, 2024
Building Bridges
Fostering Relationships in CVO Operations

Strong relationships are the cornerstone of effective Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) operations. Join TMG to explore how CVOs can cultivate trust and build lasting partnerships with healthcare practices and entities. Discover strategies for gathering essential information, building trust, and ensuring collaborative success.

Identify strategies for building and maintaining effective relationships within and across healthcare entities
Discuss methods for understanding and aligning with client needs and organizational goals in CVO settings
Explain the importance of trust and how it can be nurtured between CVOs and healthcare practices

January 9, 2025
Anchoring Trust
CVO Risk Management and Compliance

Credentials Verification Organizations (CVOs) play a pivotal role in ensuring that credentialing processes are compliant with regulatory standards. Join TMG as we explore the intricate balance between risk management and regulatory compliance critical to the operations of CVOs. Discover strategies for identifying and mitigating risks inherent in the credentialing processes, and the importance of adapting to changing healthcare regulations.

Identify the primary risks associated with credential verification processes and strategies to mitigate them
Discuss the impact of healthcare regulations on CVO operations
Explain best practices in developing and maintaining an adaptable compliance program

February 6, 2025
Quality Quantified
Metrics for CVO Excellence

Accurate and effective performance metrics are pivotal for maintaining and enhancing the quality and efficiency of CVO operations. Join TMG and delve into the essential performance metrics that drive quality assurance and operational efficiency in CVOs. Learn how to effectively measure, analyze, and report these metrics to ensure optimal performance and compliance.

Identify the key performance metrics critical to CVO operations
Explain reporting techniques to effectively communicate to credentialing committees and executive teams
Describe strategies to use performance data to drive quality assurance and operational improvements within CVO settings

March 6, 2025
Compliance Catalyst
Advancing Credentialing Verification in CVOs

It’s crucial to maintain rigorous credentialing standards in a high-volume Credentials Verification Organization (CVO). Join TMG and discover how CVOs verify credentials across multiple healthcare entities, ensuring accuracy and compliance with healthcare standards. Then, learn about the tools and technologies that enhance these processes.

Identify methods that CVOs use to verify provider credentials
Describe the technologies and systems that CVOs utilize to streamline and secure the verification process
Explain how CVOs maintain high levels of accuracy and efficiency in their verification processes

April 3, 2025
CVO Synergy
Streamlining Enrollment and Credentialing Processes

The interconnection of credential verification and provider enrollment processes is pivotal for enhancing operational efficiency within healthcare organizations. Join TMG as we delve into how Credentials Verification Organizations (CVOs) can bridge these two critical functions to streamline provider onboarding and minimize administrative overhead. Explore how a seamless integration can lead to better compliance, quicker provider readiness, and overall improved operational efficiency.

Discuss the integration of credential verification and provider enrollment processes
Explore the benefits of a unified approach to credentialing and enrollment
Identify strategies for optimizing provider onboarding and reducing administrative burdens

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CVO Connection

6-Part Series Live – $175, 6-Part Series On Demand – $175, October 3 Live – $35, October 3 On Demand – $35, November 7 Live – $35, November 7 On Demand – $35, January 9 Live – $35, January 9 On Demand – $35, February 6 Live – $35, February 6 On Demand – $35, March 6 Live – $35, March 6 On Demand – $35, April 3 Live – $35, April 3 On Demand – $35

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