Provider Enrollment Prime Season 6


With decades of experience in payer enrollment best practices, TMG’s provider enrollment team provides actionable information about provider enrollment topics that will enable you to solve thorny issues and showcase mastery of provider enrollment processes.

September: Inside the Shift: New CMS Mandates
October: Deep Dive: Strategies for Effective Denials Management
November: Avoiding Landmines: Navigating Complex Enrollments
December: Coding Convergence: Aligning Enrollment and Billing for Optimal Performance
January: Enrollment Efficiency: Leveraging Automation in Provider Onboarding
February: Collaborative Compliance: Navigating Multi-Agency Regulatory Environments

Provider Enrollment Prime webinars are held from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Central.

Registration Fee: $35 for live or on-demand webinar

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6-Part Series Live - $1756-Part Series On Demand - $175September 5 Live - $35September 5 On Demand - $35October 1 Live - $35October 1 On Demand - $35November 12 Live - $35November 12 On Demand - $35December 3 Live - $35December 3 On Demand - $35January 7 Live - $35January 7 On Demand - $35February 4 Live - $35February 4 On Demand - $35
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September 5, 2024
Inside the Shift
New CMS Mandates

The latest CMS federal registry standards impact Medicare provider enrollment. Join TMG for an in-depth exploration of the recent changes, the implications for internal processes, and practical strategies for managing documentation to effectively comply with the new regulations.

Describe the recent updates to CMS federal registry standards
Explain the shift from verification to direct documentation and its impact on provider enrollment processes
Identify best practices for updating your organization’s internal procedures to streamline compliance

October 1, 2024
Deep Dive
Strategies for Effective Denials Management

When you transform your approach to denials management, you ensure a smoother revenue cycle and enhanced compliance with payer requirements. Join TMG to understand the root causes of denials. Then, discover proven methods for analyzing, responding to, and reducing future denials.

Identify common reasons for denials and how to preemptively address them
Explain techniques for analyzing denial patterns and implementing effective corrective actions.
Describe strategies to enhance communication with payers to prevent denials

November 12, 2024
Avoiding Landmines
Navigating Complex Enrollments

Enrollment for providers working across multiple locations – or multiple plans for a single practice – presents unique challenges and heightened risks for unintentional fraud and abuse. Join TMG and delve into best practices that safeguard against billing inaccuracies and compliance breaches, and ensure proper reimbursement.

Identify key challenges and risks associated with complex enrollments
Describe essential strategies to ensure accurate provider enrollment and compliance
Explain how to detect and prevent potential fraud and abuse

December 3, 2024
Coding Convergence
Aligning Enrollment and Billing for Optimal Performance

Billing and coding are pivotal to the successful enrollment of providers and the financial health of healthcare organizations. Join TMG to uncover how synchronized efforts among billing, coding, and enrollment teams can enhance operational efficiency and compliance. Gain insights into integrating these functions to ensure a cohesive workflow that maximizes revenue and minimizes errors.

Describe the foundational aspects of billing and coding and their relevance to provider enrollment
Identify key strategies for aligning the billing, coding, and provider enrollment teams to optimize workflows
Explain the benefits of integrated processes across these departments

January 7, 2025
Enrollment Efficiency
Leveraging Automation in Provider Onboarding

As the landscape of provider enrollment evolves, automation stands out as a key tool in enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Join TMG to explore how automation technology is transforming provider enrollment processes, from application tracking to data management. Learn about the latest tools and software that can streamline workflows, reduce human error, and speed up provider onboarding.

Describe how automation impacts the provider enrollment process
Identify key automation tools that enhance data accuracy and process efficiency
Explain strategies for implementing automation in provider enrollment to achieve quicker turnaround times

February 4, 2025
Collaborative Compliance
Navigating Multi-Agency Regulatory Environments

Provider enrollment specialists often face the challenge of navigating complex regulatory environments involving multiple agencies. Join TMG for strategies to manage compliance across state, federal, and payer-specific requirements. Gain insights into effective collaboration techniques and tools that help maintain compliance without compromising efficiency.

Identify common regulatory challenges faced in multi-agency environments
Describe collaborative strategies to ensure compliance across various regulatory bodies
Explain the use of compliance tracking tools to manage requirements and deadlines

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Provider Enrollment Prime Season 6

6-Part Series Live – $175, 6-Part Series On Demand – $175, September 5 Live – $35, September 5 On Demand – $35, October 1 Live – $35, October 1 On Demand – $35, November 12 Live – $35, November 12 On Demand – $35, December 3 Live – $35, December 3 On Demand – $35, January 7 Live – $35, January 7 On Demand – $35, February 4 Live – $35, February 4 On Demand – $35

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