Unlock your potential for certification success with our Certification Boot Camp modules. Designed to offer flexibility and focused learning, use any of our 13 on-demand segments to refresh your understanding or bridge your knowledge gaps in preparation for your CPCS® or CPMSM® exam.

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Choose from among these 13 modules:

Develop Your Battle Plan (CPCS® & CPMSM® exams): Position yourself to succeed with a study plan, resources, and a commitment to prepare. Discover your learning style, knowledge gaps, and how to approach your plan with self-confidence. 40 minutes

Healthcare Framework (CPCS® & CPMSM® exams): Learn about regulatory agencies and accrediting bodies, internal stakeholders, and external stakeholders. Next, understand the credentialing framework for different healthcare environments and the documents governing them. 40 minutes

Exam Development (CPCS® & CPMSM® exams): Understand the Candidate Handbook, how each exam is constructed, and the proportion of exam questions for each subject area. Then, learn how to approach exam questions. 65 minutes

Credentialing & Recredentialing, Part 1 (CPCS® & CPMSM® exams): Understand credentialing and recredentialing in various environments, as well as federal regulations and the requirements of accrediting bodies. Next, review the application, verification process, red flags, committee structure, evaluation and approval process, provisional credentialing, and notification. 70 minutes

Accreditation Wizard (CPCS® & CPMSM® exams): Understand TMG University’s Accreditation Wizard, a tool designed to help you navigate 30 elements across 8 accrediting and regulatory bodies. 50 minutes.

Credentialing & Recredentialing, Part 2 (CPCS® & CPMSM® exams): Discover the specific credentials MSPs are required to verify, who mandates that the information is verified, and what sources can be used to verify the information. 55 minutes

Clinical Privileging (CPCS® & CPMSM® exams): Understand the difference between privileges and membership, privilege systems, competence evaluations, and the new privileging process. Next, discover the evaluation/recommendation and approval process, temporary privileges, disaster privileges, emergency privileges, and telemedicine privileges. 75 minutes

Performance Improvement (CPCS® & CPMSM® exams): Dive into the peer review process, Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FFPE), Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE), and adverse actions. 50 minutes

Ongoing Monitoring (CPCS® & CPMSM® exams): Learn about the facets of ongoing monitoring you’ll need to know for your exam, including expirables, sanctions, and complaints. 30 minutes

Departmental Operations (CPCS® & CPMSM® exams): Review what you need to know about office and document management, delegation, internal and external audits, meeting management, and Robert’s Rules of Order. 50 minutes

Departmental Operations (CPMSM® exam): Learn the essentials of meeting documentation, budgeting, staffing, human resources functions, and resource management. 50 minutes

Healthcare Law (CPMSM® exam): Explore key legal concepts, including adverse actions, Health Care Quality Improvement Act, due process, fair hearing, appeal processes, National Practitioner Data Bank, negligent credentialing, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act. 45 minutes

Leadership & Management (CPMSM® exam): Understand key elements of continuing medical education, management theories, management functions, and management tools. Then, dive into quality assessment tools, policies and procedures, and onboarding. 35 minutes

Cost:$45 each for three-month access