Team Med Global

MSP Tech Squad

Bridging the Gap

with Tailored Solutions

Medical Staff Services Departments represent an information technology crossroads. The challenges that arise can impact an MSP’s effectiveness and interrupt the organization’s revenue cycle. Team Med Global’s MSP Tech Squad bridges the gap between MSPs and IT, delivering tailored services that solve an organization’s biggest technical obstacles to getting their practitioners credentialed and their providers enrolled, such as:

  • Software sourcing
  • Technological training
  • Data migration and conversion
  • Interoperability
  • Change control management
  • System configuration to your business requirements
  • Data reconciliation between software and departments

MSP Tech Squad has deep expertise in the nuances of the MSP role and in top-notch software solutions. As such, we’re uniquely positioned to assist MSPs, IT departments, and organizational leaders seamlessly implement new software, fully utilize existing software, and create processes designed to stop revenue leakage.  

Our Vision and Our Promise

Team Med Global is dedicated to breaking down silos among medical staff services, IT departments, and organizational leadership. When we work together, we achieve our common goal.

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