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Fast-Track Your MSP Staffing

Whether you’re feeling the pinch of the nationwide MSP shortage, are hard-pressed to fill a short-term staffing gap, or want to avoid disrupting workflow with a “wrong fit” candidate, Team Med Global’s ProVISIONary Staffing is ready to help.

ProVISIONary Staffing delivers expertly vetted MSPs that are guaranteed to be a good match for your organization. We place right-fit staff in positions ranging from entry level to executive, who work:

  • Part-time or full-time
  • Interim, permanent, or evaluation hire
  • On-site or remotely

Best of all, the candidate search and placement process doesn’t cost your organization a penny. The modest markup only begins when your new staff member starts work. The service pays for itself because TMG screens for competence, interviews for professional and emotional intelligence skills, and vets to avoid placement errors.

TMG puts the “vision” in ProVISIONary Staffing. Here’s how it works…

TMG Gets to Know You

Finding the right candidate begins with learning about your organizational culture. We want to ensure that the MSPs we place are not only supremely qualified to do the work, but are also a great fit with your existing MSP staff. We have a deep understanding of the optimal MSP staffing model, and put our expertise to work for you.

TMG Knows MSPs

Team Med Global is the industry leader in delivering education to Medical Services Professionals and consulting services to organizations across the healthcare spectrum. We are committed to creating, supporting, and championing a successful collaboration among your organization, TMG, and the staff members we place.

Take the Next Step

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing TMG’s ProVISIONary Staffing to screen and match candidates for interim, long-term, and permanent MSP staffing placements.

Take the next step by completing our no-obligation consultation request form or calling the ProVISIONary Staffing hotline at 618-205-8406.

ProVISIONary Staffing at Your Fingertips

Request a free, no-obligation consultation about your organization’s MSP staffing needs. Or, call the ProVISIONary Staffing hotline at 618-205-8406.

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