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The Leadership Catalyst webinar series offers leaders and would-be leaders new skills, best practices, and hot takes on trending topics.

You can attend live or on-demand webinars on these topics:
October: Leadership Agility: Developing Your Superpower
November: Leading the Pack: Polishing Project Management Practices
January: Bridging the Gap: Solving Hybrid Workplace Challenges
February: Freeing Bottlenecks: Workflow Automation Drives Efficiency
March: Lead with Listening: Leveraging an Overlooked Tool
April: Taking a Bow: Communicating Your Successes

Leadership Catalyst webinars are held from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Central.

Registration Fee:

  • Live webinar: $45 each or $225 for series of 6
  • On-demand recorded webinar: $25 each (link sent 5 days after live webinar) or $125 for series of 6

Scroll down for dates and topics.

6-Part Series Live - $2256-Part Series On Demand - $125October 18 Live - $45October 18 On Demand - $25November 15 Live - $45November 15 On Demand - $25January 17 Live - $45January 17 On Demand - $25February 21 Live - $45February 21 On Demand - $25March 21 Live - $45March 21 On Demand - $25April 18 Live - $45April 18 On Demand - $25
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October 18, 2022
Leadership Agility
Developing Your Superpower

Agile leadership can become your superpower. It requires the flexibility to respond to an evolving landscape, the ability to experiment with new methods in real time, and the foresight to anticipate future challenges and opportunities. Join Team Med Global in exploring the competencies and key drivers of agile leaders.

Describe the benefits of agile leadership
Explain the 5 key drivers of agile leadership
Identify the 8 competencies shared by agile leaders

November 15, 2022
Leading the Pack
Polishing Project Management Practices

Few projects go as expected. They can get stuck in the mud or take on a life of their own. Successfully shepherding a project from inception to completion requires satisfying stakeholders, assembling the right team, and anticipating complications. Join Team Med Global in examining best practices for project management and lessons learned from the field.

Describe strategies to move from plan to praxis
Explain how to find talent to temporarily fill project roles
Identify the signposts of optimally managed vs. poorly managed projects.

January 17, 2023
Bridging the Gap
Solving Hybrid Workplace Challenges

The pandemic fueled remote work, and today an increasing number of organizations are experimenting with hybrid workforces as long-term solutions. Join Team Med Global in examining the challenges associated with hybrid onsite-remote teams. Then, discover strategies to increase productivity while improving the experience of working in a hybrid setting.

Explain how staffing shortages can be mitigated with remote personnel
Identify 6 common challenges facing remote workers
Describe 5 practices designed to coalesce hybrid teams

February 21, 2023
Freeing Bottlenecks
Workflow Automation Drives Efficiency

Workforce shortages and operational inefficiencies can lead to bottlenecks that stifle an organization’s effectiveness. Join Team Med Global in learning how to identify and automate redundant manual processes. Then, explore how to demolish information silos, enabling data sharing that drives efficiency.

Explain how workflow automation helps mitigate personnel shortages
Identify 5 bottlenecks that undercut operational efficiency
Describe 3 process automation strategies that support data sharing

March 21, 2023
Lead with Listening
Leveraging an Overlooked Tool

Leaders’ voices are amplified in the workplace, but listening is often overlooked. Listening to learn increases leadership capacity, situational awareness, and empathy. Join Team Med Global in exploring the potential for listening in leadership, the techniques of active listening, and key questions to ask team members.

Describe the 3 levels of listening
Explain the power of asking, “What do you think?
Identify 5 techniques to develop active listening skills

April 18, 2023
Taking a Bow
Communicating Your Successes

Recognition for routinely managing teams, guiding projects to completion, and hitting targeted goals can be in short supply, especially in environments where the focus is on the crisis-of-the-week. Join Team Med Global and learn why it’s important to communicate successes and how to tailor messaging to a variety of stakeholders.

Identify 5 types of workplace communication
Describe the organizational and team benefits of communicating successes
Explain how to tailor messages of success to different stakeholders

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Leadership Catalyst

6-Part Series Live – $225, 6-Part Series On Demand – $125, October 18 Live – $45, October 18 On Demand – $25, November 15 Live – $45, November 15 On Demand – $25, January 17 Live – $45, January 17 On Demand – $25, February 21 Live – $45, February 21 On Demand – $25, March 21 Live – $45, March 21 On Demand – $25, April 18 Live – $45, April 18 On Demand – $25

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