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Executive MSP Creed


Show your commitment to the MSP profession by displaying the EMSP Creed throughout your organization.



Our Executive MSP Creed can be displayed easily in the workplace for all MSPs to see. The EMSP Creed reminds staff of the professional beliefs we strive for and goes hand in hand with our EMSP Code of Conduct.

  • I ACCEPT patient safety as my top priority.
  • I DEMONSTRATE effective leadership.
  • I DEVELOP and implement an impactful career plan.
  • I continually PURSUE educational opportunities.
  • I ACHIEVE mastery in my professional skills.
  • I COMMIT to self-care so that I can be of service to others.
  • I EXEMPLIFY competence in all areas of work.
  • I LEVERAGE technology to increase my productivity.
  • I FIND creative solutions to difficult problems.
  • I EMBRACE and drive positive change.
  • I VALUE cooperation over competition.
  • I SUPPORT the community of Executive MSPs in learning, growing, and thriving.
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