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MSPs, how many times have you told yourself, “This year is going to be my year!” and then didn’t really experience much change? Perhaps you have the motivation to better yourself and further your career. You sprint into the New Year at full speed, only to see your drive diminish and your old habits return. Your desires to take an extra class or two begin to wane as the registration deadline looms. Your determination in becoming more of a team player fizzles when you exhaust yourself from constantly taking yourself out of your comfort zone. Before you know it, the year is nearly over and you haven’t progressed.

Have you ever stopped for a moment to ask yourself why this happens nearly every year? Better yet, have you asked yourself why you want to accomplish those goals you hold close to your heart?

Dig down deep to find the answers. Maybe you want to advance yourself up the ladder in your organization, hone your ability to help others, or simply become the best version of yourself. Whatever your motivation is, you need to hold tightly to your dreams and never let go.

Let me tell you, it isn’t easy. Chasing your dreams and turning them into a reality is an arduous journey. It requires time, energy, honesty, and facing your fear. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Will you need to change a few aspects of your life to see your vision through? Undoubtedly. But, MSPs, I have a few handy tricks to help you stay on the path throughout your journey this year:

Avoid Making Excuses 

Sometimes life happens and temporarily delays us from reaching our goals. That’s okay. Just be honest with yourself. Refrain from saying you don’t have the time or your schedule is too busy. Instead, accept a busy day for what it is and resolve to try harder tomorrow.

Commit to Committing

Reaching your goals requires making sacrifices somewhere in your life. You need to invest time, energy, and devotion. Don’t let anything stand in your way this year! Carve time out to learn a new language or take a new class. Put extra effort into researching a subject you’re passionate about so you can become the go-to expert in your department. Trust me, your efforts will pay off!

Reduce Distraction

It’s difficult staying focused in the world around us with technology and on-demand media at our fingertips. Maintain your motivation by making a list, prioritizing your to-dos, and focusing on one task at a time. Put your phone down and have a real, meaningful conversation with another person. Take a break from social media for a while. You may discover that your passion becomes ignited when distractions are diminished!

Be Real with Others

Overcoming Doubt Medical Service Professional Team Med GlobalMake an effort to let down your guard and open yourself up around others. Make yourself real and vulnerable to those you trust, and treat others with respect.

Building and maintaining trust in your relationships is the foundation of every good relationship and will help catapult you forward!

Find Your Passion

It’s so easy to go through the motions, no matter what department or organization you belong to. Try making every day count instead of counting down to the weekend. Seek the positive in each day, count your blessings, and rediscover the things that make your heart sing!

One Goal at a Time

You may have several milestones you want to reach in your career and personal life. Don’t overwhelm yourself by diving in headfirst. Take it one step at a time and slowly build up your good habits. Most importantly, forgive yourself when you slip up. We are all human, so it will happen!

MSPs, 2019 is the year to design – and live – the career of your dreams.
Be tenacious and fearless.
Grab your dreams by the horns, SMILE, and make them a reality!