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Your team can conduct needs assessments, disseminate RFIs, select a vendor, and implement the best credentialing software on the market, yet still find that MSPs are underutilizing its features. Some days, that utilization gap can seem unbridgeable. 

That’s where Team Med Global’s MSP Tech Squad steps in. Whatever your implementation needs, Team Med Global’s MSP Tech Squad can help. This is why…

TMG Knows Medical Staff Services

Team Med Global is the industry leader in delivering education to MSPs and consulting services to organizations across the healthcare spectrum. We understand the nuances of credentialing, payer enrollment, privileging management, performance improvement, practice management, and other data-driven MSP responsibilities.

TMG Knows Technology

With expertise in more than a half-dozen of the best credentialing software solutions on the market, MSP Tech Squad can deliver world-class training to MSPs who are facing challenges in creating workflows or utilizing software features. Moreover, we can quickly assess and address issues ranging from data migration and conversion to interoperability and change control.

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We invite you to discover how MSP Tech Squad can help your IT Department reach its implementation goals by requesting a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

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