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Plug Revenue Leakage

Credentialing software has the potential to streamline processes and fast-track reimbursements. All too often, though, there’s a disconnect between Medical Services Professionals and IT Departments. That can cause serious revenue leakage, the product of: 

  • MSPs utilizing only a fraction of their credentialing software because they don’t understand its capabilities, lack the resources to implement its functionality, or have outgrown their current MSP software
  • Poor consolidation of practitioner-related data that arises from organizational mergers and acquisitions
  • An unmet need to share practitioner-related data in order to streamline internal and external communication

Team Med Global’s MSP Tech Squad plugs revenue leakage – and pays for itself – by breaking down the silos among MSPs, IT departments, other departments, and ancillary facilities. While our service is tailored to your needs, we’ve helped organizations in a number of ways, including: 

  • MSP software sourcing, including needs assessment, product recommendations based on needs assessment, RFIs, vendor selection, and implementation
  • MSP technological training, including creating workflows and support for credentialing, compliance, and report creation, as well as project management, product training, and quality assurance
  • Program interface solutions, including data migration and conversion, HL7, healthcare standard data feeds, and other import and export files needed for data transfer
  • Electronic document management services, including collection, entry, distribution, reports, and archiving
  • Streamline interoperability between credentialing software
  • Change control management, including creation of policies, procedures, and documentation
  • Reconciliation of converted data

Whatever your information technology needs, Team Med Global’s MSP Tech Squad can help. This is why…

The Best of Both Worlds

With a combined 25 years of experience, MSP Tech Squad has deep expertise in both the medical staff services and IT industries. More broadly, Team Med Global is the industry leader in delivering education to medical services professionals and consulting services to organizations across the healthcare spectrum.This enables us to be an effective liaison for MSPs, vendors, and IT departments.

Tailored Service, Convenient Delivery

MSP Tech Squad’s service and scope is tailored to your needs. We work onsite and remotely, and offer online and in-person training. Whether you’re seeking a new software solution, interoperability between systems, or to correct the underutilization of human and technological resources, we can help. Your investment in our expertise brings immediate returns in the form of increased billing and fewer reimbursement obstacles.

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