Unstoppable Webinar

Unstoppable Webinar


Informed by insider knowledge of challenges faced by medical staff services professionals and the psychology of empowerment, Donna Goestenkors, CPMSM, EMSP, and Jennifer Froemel, MA, LCPC, provide actionable information and coaching that will enable you to:

  • Increase confidence in your skills and judgment
  • Gain access to those with power, authority, and influence
  • Interact with others from a place of strength
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Feel connected to your coworkers
  • Cultivate your flexibility and creativity
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Envision and attain your professional goals

Unstoppable webinars are held from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Central.

Registration Fee:

  • Complimentary for dakotAMSS members: register for individual webinars and use promotional code DAKOTAMSS at checkout
  • Non-Members: $45 each

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February 10, 2021
Stepping into the Light
The Power of Forgiveness

Virtually everyone has felt wronged by a coworker. Yet holding onto anger and resentment can undermine our effectiveness and prevent us from fulfilling our career goals. Discover why forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, and how to implement forgiveness in a way that will enable you to live your best life.

March 10, 2021
Perfection Rejection
Embracing Your Humanity

We strive to do our best, yet a yearning for perfection can lead to paralysis, burnout, and even shame. When we give ourselves the grace to make mistakes, we become happier and more productive. Learn how to let go of perfectionism and embrace your humanity.

April 13, 2021
Rainy Day Realism
Diffusing Toxic Positivity in the Workplace

A sunny attitude supports productivity and creativity, but relentless positivity can turn toxic when it glosses over real challenges. Learn how to develop a reality-based outlook that supports workplace authenticity and decisive action.

May 12, 2021
Bouncing Back
Cultivating Your Resilience

Setbacks are difficult, but you can bounce back – sometimes in unexpected ways. Explore how to develop resilience, the skill that prevents you from getting stuck and propels you to the next opportunity. Then, learn how to create your personal plan for thriving in the face of workplace stressors.

June 9, 2021
Collaboration Station
Becoming a Stellar Team Member

Collaboration is key to workplace effectiveness, yet mastering teamwork requires skill and practice. Discover 7 characteristics of highly effective collaborators and learn how to boost your skills to expand your role as a trusted team member.

July 14, 2021
Roadmap to Fulfillment
Creating Your Dream Job

Whether you feel boxed in at your current job or simply long to stretch your wings, you have the power to create your dream job. Visualization, mentorship, and self-confidence are three of the stepping stones to success. Discover a roadmap for identifying – and landing – the position you desire.

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February 10, 2021, March 10, 2021, April 13, 2021, May 12, 2021, June 9, 2021, July 14, 2021, Package: 6 Webinars

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