Unstoppable: Season 5


Informed by insider knowledge of challenges faced by medical staff services professionals and the psychology of empowerment, Donna Goestenkors, CPMSM®, EMSP, and Jennifer Froemel, MA, LCPC, CMHIMP, provide actionable information and coaching that will enable you to:

  • Increase confidence in your skills and judgment
  • Gain access to those with power, authority, and influence
  • Interact with others from a place of strength
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Feel connected to your coworkers
  • Cultivate your flexibility and creativity
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Envision and attain your professional goals

Unstoppable live webinars are held from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Central. On-demand webinars are available 5 days after the live webinar.

Registration: $35 for live or on-demand webinar; $175 for 6-part series

Scroll down for dates. topics, and objectives.

6-Part Series On Demand - $175March 8 - On Demand - $35April 12 - On Demand - $35May 10 - On Demand - $35June 14 - Live - $35June 14 - On Demand - $35July 12 - Live - $35July 12 - On Demand - $35August 9 - Live - $35August 9 - On Demand - $35
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March 8, 2023
Bridging the Empathy Gap
When Emotions Trump Logic

We may think of ourselves as rational, but intense physical and emotional states – think anger, hunger, and pain – can lead to emotion-driven behavior. Join Team Med Global for a discussion of the “empathy gap” and techniques for regaining emotional balance.

Explain the difference between hot states and cold states
Describe the impact of the empathy gap in the workplace
Identify 5 techniques for regulating your nervous system

April 12, 2023
Glancing Back
Finding Wisdom in Regret

A “no regrets” philosophy robs us of the opportunity for reflection and learning. Join Team Med Global and explore how to acknowledge our regrets with compassion rather than contempt, and the valuable ways that our failures reveal our values.

Explain the difference between bad decisions and bad outcomes
Describe 5 ways regret can lead to wisdom
Identify 4 elements of a “failure resume”

May 10, 2023
Power Imbalance
Disagreeing Up the Ladder

Voicing disagreement to someone senior can feel risky, but the risks of not speaking up can be greater. Join Team Med Global in examining how to accurately gauge your risk and how to put guardrails in place when asserting your opinion.

Identify 3 reasons why a “going along to get along” philosophy is misguided
Explain the 4 types of power in the workplace
Describe the 6 steps of strategic disagreement

June 14, 2023
Eviction Notice
Showing Resentment the Door

Workplace resentment leads to job burnout. Advice columnist Ann Landers wrote, “Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.” Join Team Med Global in exploring the root causes of resentment and how to show it the door.

Identify 5 causes of workplace resentment
Explain the power of replacing resentment with action
Describe 8 strategies for overcoming resentment

July 12, 2023
Smoke and Mirrors
The Illusion of Control

In the healthcare workplace, the stakes are high and the pressure is on to get it right. But when we overestimate how much control we have, our decisions can suffer. Join Team Med Global for a discussion of how adjusting our perceptions of control can lead to better judgment and greater well-being.

Explain 5 causes of the illusion of control
Identify 3 implications of the illusion of control
Describe areas that are in your control and outside of your control

August 9, 2023
At the Crossroads
Navigating Office Politics

Political intelligence in the workplace is often undervalued and sometimes viewed as evil. Join Team Med Global to dispel the myths of office politics and discuss how to navigate the work environment while staying true to your values.

Identify 5 myths of office politics
Explain the benefits of cultivating political intelligence
Discuss the difference between performance currency and relationship currency

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Unstoppable Season 5

6-Part Series Live – $175, 6-Part Series On Demand – $175, March 8 – Live – $35, March 8 – On Demand – $35, April 12 – Live – $35, April 12 – On Demand – $35, May 10 – Live – $35, May 10 – On Demand – $35, June 14 – Live – $35, June 14 – On Demand – $35, July 12 – Live – $35, July 12 – On Demand – $35, August 9 – Live – $35, August 9 – On Demand – $35

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