Payer Enrollment Prime Season 4


With decades of experience in payer enrollment best practices, TMG’s payer enrollment team provides actionable information about payer enrollment topics that will enable you to solve thorny issues and showcase mastery of payer enrollment processes.

Payer Enrollment Prime webinars are held from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Central.

Registration Fee: $35 for live or on-demand webinar

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6-Part Series Live - $1756-Part Series On Demand - $175April 4 - Live - $35April 4 - On Demand - $35May 2 - Live - $35May 2 - On Demand - $35June 6 - Live - $35June 6 - On Demand - $35July 11 - Live - $35July 11 - On Demand - $35August 1 - Live - $35August 1 - On Demand - $35September 5 - Live - $35September 5 - On Demand - $35
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April 4, 2023
Cracking the Code: Understanding the Revenue Life Cycle

As payer enrollment specialists are increasingly asked to perform functions like billing, it’s important to understand every step of the revenue cycle. Join Team Med Global and learn about each role in revenue cycle management and how to be successful without changing your scope of responsibilities.

Identify 7 points in the revenue cycle
Explain the different hats payer enrollment specialists are asked to wear
Describe 4 pitfalls to avoid when assuming additional responsibilities

May 2, 2023
First Look: What to Know About PECOS 2.0

CMS is expected to launch PECOS 2.0 in June 2023, saying it will “revolutionize Medicare enrollment.” Join Team Med Global as we provide a first look at PECOS 2.0 features that are expected to save time, tailor the application process, and deliver real-time status tracking for submitted applications.

Describe how PECOS 2.0 will enable multiple enrollments with one application
Identify 5 improvements impacting the enrollment and revalidation processes
Explain how to prepare for the rollover to PECOS 2.0

June 6, 2023
Smooth Landing: Navigating the CAQH ProView Practice Manager Module

CAQH tracks more than 2 million practitioners, and the CAQH ProView Practice Manager Module can be leveraged to eliminate the need to duplicate information common to providers. Join Team Med Global for next-level insights into how mid-size and large organizations can create efficiencies with this tool.

Explain 4 benefits of using the CAQH ProView Practice Manager Module
Identify when to use 5 key CAQH Module features
Describe the steps involved in exporting provider information

July 11, 2023
Riding the Wave: Recovering from a Backlog

At some point in their careers, most payer enrollment specialists will face a backlog that feels like a tidal wave. Instead of drowning, arm yourself with a timeline and an action plan. Join Team Med Global for a primer on turning the tide and recouping pending revenue while maintaining your equilibrium.

Describe how to prioritize applications for short-term revenue
Explain 7 steps to take when tackling a backlog of applications
Identify how to develop the soft skills that will see you through a crisis

August 1, 2023
The Enrollment Chronicles: Creating Reporting Efficiencies

Whether you’re working out of a credentialing database or maintaining information in an Excel tracker, it’s critical to develop meaningful payer enrollment reporting. Join Team Med Global as we discuss what to track and how to frame reports for results-driven payer enrollment.

Explain 4 goals of payer enrollment reporting
Identify 7 key data elements for tracking and reporting
Describe 3 ways to create efficiencies in reporting

September 5, 2023
Taming the Frontier: Payer Enrollment Basics

For MSPs experienced in credentialing, payer enrollment can feel like the Wild West. The truth is, there is incredible opportunity for career advancement in the payer enrollment field. Join Team Med Global to discover basic payer enrollment frameworks, stakeholders, and career trajectories.

Identify each step in the payer enrollment cycle
Describe technologies that assist payer enrollment specialists
Explain how to best transition to the payer enrollment field

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Payer Enrollment Prime Season 4

6-Part Series Live – $175, 6-Part Series On Demand – $175, April 4 – Live – $35, April 4 – On Demand – $35, May 2 – Live – $35, May 2 – On Demand – $35, June 6 – Live – $35, June 6 – On Demand – $35, July 11 – Live – $35, July 11 – On Demand – $35, August 1 – Live – $35, August 1 – On Demand – $35, September 5 – Live – $35, September 5 – On Demand – $35

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