Leadership Catalyst Season 2


Boost your leadership skills!

The Leadership Catalyst webinar series offers leaders and would-be leaders new skills, best practices, and hot takes on trending topics.

You can attend live or on-demand webinars on these topics:
June: Leading with a Heavy Heart: Working Through Personal Challenges
August: Facilitation Station: Successful Meeting Leadership
September: Staying Power: Managing a Team No One Wants to Leave
October: Soft Skills Matter: Boosting Your Team’s Emotional Intelligence
December: Filling the Pipeline: Creating a Succession Plan
January: Screen Time: Growing a Robust Hybrid Team

Leadership Catalyst webinars are held from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Central.

Registration Fee: $35 for live or on-demand webinar; $175 for series of 6 live or on-demand webinars.

Scroll down for dates and objectives.

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June 20, 2023
Leading with a Heavy Heart
Working Through Personal Challenges

Leaders are people and people can go through periods of personal struggle. It can be difficult to serve teams and organizations while navigating challenges. Join TMG and discover how to meet your own needs while using your experiences to become a better leader.

Identify 5 approaches to leading while struggling
Describe how to view challenges within the framework of your life and leadership
Explain how best to communicate with your team about your challenges

August 15, 2023
Facilitation Station
Successful Meeting Leadership

A great meeting facilitator creates space for engagement, alignment, and motivation. Join TMG and discover facilitation best practices, how to minimize challenging behaviors, and the importance of facilitator neutrality.

Describe 5 central best practices of facilitation
Explain how to handle power dynamics in meetings
Identify 5 manipulative facilitator behaviors and how to avoid them

September 19, 2023
Staying Power
Managing a Team No One Wants to Leave

Team member turnover is both costly and dispiriting. As a leader, you have the power to create a team that is dedicated, loyal, and satisfied. Join TMG and discover strategies to create a work environment that fosters team motivation and cohesion.

Describe the importance of understanding the needs of individual team members
Explain the importance of modeling humility and curiosity
Identify 5 predictors of high-performing teams

October 17, 2023
Soft Skills Matter
Boosting Your Team’s Emotional Intelligence

It’s relatively easy to teach a team member the technical skills needed to perform their job, but teaching soft skills can be harrowing. Join TMG and learn how to develop an organizational culture where team members can develop emotional intelligence.

Explain how to hire for emotional intelligence
Identify 4 ways to pinpoint EI strengths and weaknesses
Describe 5 strategies to increase individual and team soft skills

December 5, 2023
Filling the Pipeline
Creating a Succession Plan

Creating a talent pipeline is critical to ensuring smooth transitions as team members offboard and onboard. Join TMG and discover the rationale for succession planning and a step-by-step outline for creating and implementing your own succession plan.

Describe the business case for engaging in succession planning
Identify the 6 elements of a succession plan
Explain the role of professional development in creating a talent pool

January 16, 2024
Screen Time
Growing a Robust Hybrid Team

The healthcare industry is still finding its way in remote and hybrid work environments. Join TMG and explore successful strategies to lead, grow, and nurture remote and hybrid teams. Then, discuss the hallmarks of success for collaboration in an increasingly virtual world.

Describe 5 integral remote leadership qualities
Identify 7 strategies to keep remote team members motivated and engaged
Explain 5 digital platforms that encourage collaboration

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Leadership Catalyst Season 2

6-Part Series Live – $175, 6-Part Series On Demand – $175, June 20 Live, June 20 On Demand, August 15 Live, August 15 On Demand, September 19 Live, September 19 On Demand, October 17 Live, October 17 On Demand, December 5 Live, December 5 On Demand, January 16 Live, January 16 On Demand

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