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Education Without Borders
Give Your Team the Gift of Personal Empowerment

Provide your team with tools that support their workplace success and well-being.

Sponsor 10 team members to attend Team Med Global’s Unstoppable! 6-part webinar series for only $500.

Your team members can attend monthly live or on-demand webinars on these topics:
January: Moving Mountains: Managing a Heavy Workload
February: Getting to “Yes”: The Power of Skillful Negotiation
March: Slaying Your Dragons: Boosting Effectiveness with Self-Confidence
April: Emotional Dexterity: Optimizing Growth Through Change
May: Reframing Intelligence: Revealing Your Team’s Hidden Potential
June: Getting Back on Track: Tackling Conflict & Resolving Disputes

Scroll down for each webinar’s description and objectives.

When TMG receives your sponsorship, we’ll ask you to send us the contact information for your 10 team members. We’ll send them links to access the webinars.

Want to sponsor more than 10 team members? Email ask (at) teammedglobal (dot) com for discount pricing.

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January 12, 2022
Moving Mountains
Managing a Heavy Workload

Whether due to staffing shortages, increased responsibilities, or an organizational quest to maximize productivity, there may be times when your workload feels overwhelming. Discover strategies for communicating staffing needs, setting workplace boundaries, and avoiding burnout.

1. Identify 5 techniques for planning and prioritization
2. Outline 3 strategies for framing staffing needs
3. Explain 4 approaches to managing stress and developing resilience

February 9, 2022
Getting to “Yes”
The Power of Skillful Negotiation

Negotiation lays the groundwork for success, playing a role in everything from setting salaries to team collaboration. Understanding the process and avoiding the pitfalls enables all parties to arrive at a meaningful and satisfactory “yes.” Discover how to develop the skills and tactics used by master negotiators.

1. Describe the role of workplace negotiations
2. Explain 4 facets of the negotiating mindset
3. Identify 6 skills that are the foundation of fruitful negotiations

March 9, 2022
Slaying Your Dragons
Boosting Effectiveness with Self-Confidence

Virtually everyone harbors self-doubt. Slaying that dragon can result in increased confidence, effectiveness, and happiness. Discover a roadmap for erasing your doubts, boosting your confidence, and achieving your goals.

1. Describe the ways that lived experience informs and defines confidence
2. Identify 7 steps to counteracting self-doubt
3. Explain 5 indicators of workplace confidence

April 13, 2022
Emotional Dexterity
Optimizing Growth Through Change

Work and life can throw curveballs. Whether you crumble or thrive depends upon your emotional dexterity. Discover how to align your values and actions to better navigate change, and provide tools that lay the groundwork for personal and professional growth.

1. Explain the 5 hallmarks of emotional dexterity
2. Identify the 4-stage stress continuum and its impact on performance
3. Describe 3 exercises designed to enhance emotional dexterity

May 11, 2022
Getting Back on Track
Tackling Conflict & Resolving Disputes

Conflict is unavoidable. It’s human nature to get uncomfortable, frustrated, or angry. Left unchecked, conflict can derail teams and undermine workplace goals. Discover how to de-escalate conflict, resolve disputes, and implement strategies designed to lessen workplace friction.

1. Explain 5 contributing factors to workplace conflict
2. Describe 7 steps to resolving disputes in the workplace
3. Identify 3 conflict prevention strategies

June 8, 2022
Reframing Intelligence
Revealing Your Team’s Hidden Potential

In our society, two types of intelligence are routinely rewarded: linguistic and logical. But humans excel in arenas ranging from spatial ability to interpersonal skills. Explore the theory of multiple intelligences and how to identify and leverage team members’ strengths.

1. Identify 8 modalities of intelligence and the characteristics of each
2. Explain how to create a workplace culture that nurtures multiple intelligences
3. Describe 3 strategies for matching individual strengths to workplace responsibilities

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