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Inefficient or ill-informed processes in insurance credentialing services create a reimbursement backlog that can have a devastating impact on your organization’s revenue stream. Whether your staff needs training, you’re ready to hire a new payer enrollment specialist, or you simply want a payer enrollment expert on speed dial, Team Med Global’s Payer Enrollment Institute is ready to help.

TMG’s Payer Enrollment Institute delivers expertise and value. In fact, the service pays for itself by ensuring more timely enrollments and cleaner claim submissions, which lead to streamlined reimbursements.

Here’s how the Payer Enrollment Institute can help….

World-Class Training

Existing staff may not have the knowledge to effectively deliver insurance credentialing services. New hires can have a hard time getting up to speed. TMG fills those gaps by delivering tailored onsite or remote training on topics ranging from governmental and commercial payers to managed care contracting. We’re also able to educate revenue cycle leaders so that relevant information cascades down to front-end staff, and to ensure that EMR and practice management software is set up for streamlined billing.

Staffing that Shines

TMG’s ProVISIONary Staffing delivers right-fit interim, permanent, and evaluation hire MSPs and payer enrollment specialists. Whether you’re seeking an MSP who knows insurance credentialing services and other administrative tasks, or a specialist in facility, commercial, government, and provider enrollment, TMG makes the match. We are committed to creating, supporting, and championing a successful collaboration among your organization, TMG, and the staff we place. Learn more about ProVISIONary Staffing

Filling the Gaps

The Payer Enrollment Institute team has a combined 80 years of expertise in the field. We fill in your gaps with professionals who have relationships with payers and can help guide you and your staff to success. TMG’s MSP Tech Squad works with your IT and MSP teams to ensure that your organization has interoperable technology and precision training that streamlines your revenue cycle.

Reach out to TMG by completing our request form or by calling us at 618-830-0057.

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