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When a medical services professional walks through the door, they bring unique knowledge, skills, and lived experience to their position. New staff members may need training, while more experienced staff members may have proficiency gaps. Across the board, inconsistent training or a lack of cross-training can lead to inefficiencies and miscommunication that impacts revenue streams and staff morale. 

Team Med Global has more than a decade of experience partnering with healthcare organizations to deliver medical staff services education that aligns teams and streamlines processes. 

Here’s how TMG can help your organization….

Onsite or Remote Training

Our instructors can deliver:

  • Single-subject training, such as payer enrollment seminars
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual best practice refresher courses
  • Onboarding training that orients new hires to your organization’s processes
  • Certification training for the Executive MSP or Executive Payer Enrollment Professional credential
  • Skills training in any of 16 different focus areas

Design Your Curriculum

Work with TMG’s Education Director to design a curriculum that fits your organization’s needs. Choose from among 16 specific competencies, such as privileging management or practice management; team cohesion skills, such as change management or leadership; and personal development areas, such as problem solving or communication. Your curriculum can be delivered as a workshop, multi-day seminar, or online course.

Take the Next Step

We invite you to take the next step in delivering consistent training within and across departments through partnering with Team Med Global.

Reach out to TMG by completing our online request form or by calling us at 618-830-0057.

Take the Next Step

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