Team Med Global


Broadening Horizons

Achieving Potential

There is a scarcity of professional development opportunities for MSPs, payer enrollment specialists, practice managers, and credentialing specialists. That’s why offering year-round education is a cornerstone of Team Med Global’s mission. Whether an MSP is new to medical staff services or has worked in the field their entire career, personal and professional growth empowers them to expand their horizons and achieve their potential. TMG’s education programs are designed to meet medical services professionals where they are and then offer best practice skills and knowledge that boosts their effectiveness.

TMG University continues to be a trailblazer in delivering leading-edge in-person, remote, and online professional development opportunities to the medical services community. Team Med Global encourages MSPs to think outside of the box and rise to whatever professional challenge greets them.

Our Vision and Our Promise

Team Med Global is dedicated to championing medical services professionals by providing skills and knowledge to launch, enhance, and advance their careers, and to supporting healthcare organizations by delivering staff training that reflects industry best practices.

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