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Team Med Global’s Executive MSP credential is the gold standard in MSP proficiency, opening doors and enabling you to fulfill your career potential. TMG recognizes and builds upon your professional experience, delivering tailored education designed to fill your knowledge gaps and develop a well-rounded skill set that allows you to excel in your current and future positions.

TMG understands that professional development is critical, yet can be costly and difficult to incorporate into a life already filled with commitments. That’s why EMSP coursework is cost conscious and divided into modules designed to harmonize with work and life. 

Here’s how the Executive MSP credentialing courses work…

The EMSP Core Course

The heart of the Executive MSP coursework is the Core Course. This 11-week online course teaches management principles and practices for credentialing, compliance, development, documents, mergers and acquisitions, onboarding and offboarding, relationships, and technology. It also delves into office and project management. 

Pathway Courses

After completing the EMSP Core Course, you can choose one of four pathways that leads to an EMSP credential: Hospital (H-EMSP), Credentials Verification Organization (CVO-EMSP), Managed Care Organization (MCO-EMSP), or Practice Management (PM-EMSP). Each pathway incorporates four to six courses targeting its specific environment. Upon successful completion of one pathway’s interactive online courses, you will be accorded the relevant EMSP Credential. If you achieve all four EMSP credentials, you will be accorded the ultimate MSP designation: the Certified EMSP, or CEMSP.

2020-2021 Calendar

2021 Term 1:  January 18 – April 5
Application Deadline: December 14, 2020

2021 Term 2:  May 10 – July 19
Application Deadline: April 12, 2021

2021 Term 3: August 23 – November 15
Application Deadline: July 26, 2021

Take the First Step

We invite you to take the first step toward achieving your Executive MSP Credential by requesting Team Med Global’s Course Catalog. Reach out to TMG by completing our request form or by calling us at 618-581-8475.

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