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Reading Timeline

Below is our reading timeline for Meryl Runion’s “How to Use Power Phrases to Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say, and Get What You Want.”

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Meeting 1 – February 10, 20212020-12-29T23:53:32+00:00

Meeting 1 – February 10, 2021

Why PowerPhrases? An Idea Whose Time Has Come

  • Read chapters 1-4 (pages 3-35)
  • Take the PowerPhrase quiz on pages 35-39

Prepare an answer to ONE of these questions:

  • How do you SpeakStrong to let people know you care?
  • Why is it important to keep people in the information loop?
  • Have you had a critical conversation with a co-worker? Identify the situation and the outcome.
  • Have you or a colleague expressed a concern and realized after the fact that your SpeakStrong didn’t strike the balance between mute and brute?
Meeting 2 – March 10, 20212020-12-29T23:55:22+00:00

Meeting 2 – March 10, 2021

The Six Secrets of PowerPhrases

Read chapters 5-11 (pages 43-77)

Prepare one example of an experience you’ve had for each of the six secrets.
1. It’s what you don’t say.
2. It’s in the details.
3. Picking winning words that work.
4. The power of the simple truth.
5. Protect the integrity of your words.
6. There is power in nice.

Meeting 3 – April 14, 20212020-12-29T23:56:24+00:00

Meeting 3 – April 14, 2021

PowerPhrases in Action

Read chapters 12-25 (pages 81-192)

Select two of the following situations and prepare examples of how you’ve implemented or plan to use PowerPhrases.

1. Perfect the connection.
2. Say what you think.
3. Say what you feel.
4. Make powerful requests.
5. Refuse what you don’t want.
6. Get others to open up.
7. Apologize sincerely.
8. Asking powerful questions.
9. Responding to unkind criticism.
10. Handling angry people.
11. Expressing anger.
12. Handling disagreements.
13. Addressing sticky issues.
14. Speaking between genders.

Meeting 4 – May 12, 20212020-12-29T23:57:06+00:00

Meeting 4 – May 12, 2021

Read chapters 26-19 (pages 207-238)

Take the PowerPhrases Final Exam on pages 224-238

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